Solomon Gellercshtein

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Date of Birth: 02/11/1896

Age: 70

Place of birth: Dnipropetrovsk

Citizenship: Russia


Psychologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences (1945), Professor (1947), one of the founders of Russian psychology and psychophysiology of work, aviation psychology, sport psychology. He graduated from the Commercial College (1915) and the Higher Scientific and pedagogical courses at the 2nd Moscow State University (1924), studied at the Kharkov Institute of Technology. He worked in the Laboratory of Industrial Labor USSR psychotechnics NC (1923-1925), at the Moscow Institute of Occupational Safety tubing of the USSR (1925), directed here laboratory of labor psychology (1929 - 1935). At the same time he worked with the psycho section of the State Institute of Experimental Psychology in Moscow under the leadership of I.N.Shpilreyna. A Head of the Laboratory of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine, psychology of work (1935-1937), led the psycho-physiological department of the Institute of Aviation Medicine of the Red Army to them. Acad. IP Pavlova (1934-1937). G. was one of the leaders psychotechnical movement, was a member of the editorial board of the train. "Soviet psycho", deputy chairman of the GP and PP - the All-Union Society for Applied Psychophysiology and psycho; Participants of the international conference psycho (1927, 1931, 1934); Psychotechnics taught in the 2nd Moscow State University (Faculty of pedological on those), head of the department in psychotechnics LGPI them. Herzen (1931-34), created the "profile" psycho. In 1937-1941 he headed the psychophysiological laboratory of the Moscow regional psychiatric hospital. During the Great Patriotic War he was invited AR Luria in Neurosurgical military hospital in Kisegach where G. acted as scientific advisor and consultant in occupational therapy all the hospitals of the All Systems (1942-1943). Material reducing occupational therapy was protected in 1945 as a doctoral dissertation. In the postwar years, he has taught labor psychology at Moscow State University (1948), Head. Cabinet psychology NA Bernshtein Propulsion Laboratory at the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture, a consultant at the Central Institute examination of disabled persons, leading scientific and teaching work at the department of military aviation medicine faculty of the Central Institute of Advanced Medical (1943-1949), here in 1947, he was awarded the title of professor of psychology at the rate. In connection with the company struggle with cosmopolitanism, in 1949 was forced to resign from the Department of Aviation Medicine TSIUV, from the Institute of Physical Culture and almost 7 years (until retirement), he worked at home, translated the works of Charles Darwin, Ya.Purkine , Zh.Lamarka etc .; It was wonderful commentary "to the selected works of Sechenov (1952), written from the perspective of not only general theoretical questions of psychology, but also to the application of labor psychology. He participated in the revival of labor psychology, making a presentation at the Meeting 1957 The last place work of G. - consultant, department of ergonomics Research Institute of technical aesthetics (1966-67).

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