Picture of Soil

Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States


This nu-the methyl band from Chicago formed in 1997. Its founders were the guitarists Adam Backlog and Sean Gless, bassist Tim King and drummer Tom Schofield. Later in their company appeared vocalist Ryan McCombs.

The first two releases (EP "El Chupacabra" - the 1998 and LP "Throttle Junkies" - 1999) went on a small label "MIA Records". Powerful and furious anthemssounded on these discs, interested Clive Davis, and he took the "Soil" under the roof of his company "J Records". The first group majeure release was the album "Scars", contained such thing as a killer "Halo", "Breaking me down" and "Unreal".

By the way, "Halo" was written long before the release of "Scars" and managed properly to spin on the radio. But " the Soil " is not going to be " a group of one-hit wonder " and went to earn a "living " in popularity.

Soil Over the year the team spent on tour, during which the musicians had the opportunity to share the platform with Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, "

" In 2002, the team took part in the tour. " Ozzfest ", Mudvayne", "Static X", "Sevendustand also appeared on the British festival "Download". After thirteen months of concert work, which is reflected in the mini - album "Pride", "Soil" once again went into the studio. In "Re-de-fine" artist again pleased fans for his ability to combine the unrestrained aggression and melody. In addition to the title track, the disc contained hits like "Pride" and "Cross my heart". In the first week sales of 14,000 copies sold out "Re-de-fine", and in the charts "Billboard" album located on the 78th position. The general circulation of "Scars" at that time was a quarter of a million copies. SoilPered the exit plate hedlaynersky team paid short visit to England, and gave several concerts in North America opening for "Staind". However, as often happens, the path to success is not without unpleasant moments, and the same thing happened with "Soil", when they were on the rise. In 2004, he announced his retirement vocalist Ryan McCombs. Fortunately, the core of the team remains intact and the guys can continue to write songs. But the singer was still needed, and after long and seemed endless auditions took place at the microphone AJ Cavalier of the "Diesel machine".In favor of this choice is recommended by Pat talked of "Damageplan" and Wayne Static from the "Static-X". And though by this time the musicians were left without support "J Records" mood among them was quite optimistic.

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