Sofia Blyuvshtein

Picture of Sofia Blyuvshtein

Date of Birth: 04/01/1846

Age: 56

Place of birth: Powazki

Citizenship: Russia

Grandmother Russian criminal-Sonka Golden Hand

Robbery Carl von Grinding, jeweler

In May 1883 the store von Grinding appeared charming client. Young lady, secular and wealthy, cute grassiruya, had the wife of a famous psychiatrist L., selected articles of the French masters of the thirty thousand rubles, billed and agreed to meet at his home. At the appointed hour, a jeweler with a collection of diamonds entered the waiting room of the doctor. The friendly hostess met him, took the casket, try to treasure for evening dress, and was invited to the office of her husband. When the jeweler persistently demanded a psychiatrist bill payment or return of diamonds, his twisted medics and taken to hospital. As it turned out in the evening, the doctor had the beautiful wife of von Grinding, said that her husband went crazy on the "pebbles", and paid in advance its treatment. Of course, aferistki and gone ...

Sonka the Golden Pen, according to eyewitnesses, was not beautiful. But women do not need a catchy seductress beauty, they have their own magic, its techniques. Here not only the artistry and the gift of reincarnation, they instinctively feel as do obey anyone. Sophia Blyuvshteyn has this natural gift beyond measure, and that made her the queen of Petersburg criminal world.

Sonya living a lie, so 100 years later, we know almost nothing about it reliably. According to one version, she was born into a poor family Shtendelya hairdresser. Stepmother over her fiercely mocked. In 17 years, poor Sonia ran off with a young Greek, and then left alone, then married Odessa Blyuvshteyn tricksters, and when he was in prison, she took up the "family business" in order to feed their children. And in prison, she got too because of men - took the blame young lover. In general, not life, but a searing melodrama. Thieves world loves romantic stories, but if you believe the documents, it was not so. Or not at all.

Robbery banker Dogmarova

Sheyndlya Sur Leybova Solomoniak was born in the town of Warsaw Powazki County. Bunch was the still - bought stolen goods, were engaged in smuggling. Older sister Feiga was also a talented thief, but Sonya jump on everyone. Her "way up" was lined with men snookered. The first casualty may be considered certain Rozenbada: very young Sheyndlya successfully got married, gave birth to a daughter, Rebecca, and Sura fled to distant lands, robbing the wife goodbye.

In October 1884 in Odessa Cafe Fanconi a banker met with Mrs. Sophia San Donato. During the conversation she asked to change her rent in a thousand rubles. It soon became clear that the nice lady left for Moscow by the evening train, the same as that of Mr. Dogmarov. The banker offered himself as companions. In the coupe they kindly talked and ate chocolates. In the morning I slept soundly businessman did not find any money or securities in the amount of 43 thousand rubles.

Sophia Blyuvshteyn not like small cases and impromptu. Preparations were carefully, trying to predict the chance. For her, there was not a high walls, no frontiers. She spoke five languages ??perfectly assimilated secular manner and after a successful "business" preferred to relax at Marienbad false documents some of the Baroness. It is surprising that while Sonya remained "aristocrat" of the criminal world. She was proud of his nickname as a court title, in her lovers we went to St. Petersburg`s most famous cheaters. Preferring to go it alone, it nevertheless created his own gang, inviting well-known thief Leviticus Sandanovicha, and even became a member of the prestigious club of the criminal in Moscow "Red Diamonds".

Brand Stuff

At Golden Pen had its "proprietary tricks". Under special otraschennye long nails she hid precious stones, for shoplifting had a dress bag, which could hide a whole roll of fabric. She was walking on the matter with a monkey - until the hostess trading, animal swallowed the stones, and the house was freed from them by means of an enema.

"Good morning!" Maybe that Sonya has invented a way to this famous hotel thefts. The method was simple and brazen - beautifully dressed, elegant Sonia penetrated the victim`s room early in the morning and started his "shmonat". If the guest woke up, she pretended to be mistaken the door, embarrassed, but rarely left "empty-handed" - for the good of the cause, and she could have sex with a rich boyfriend, and then quietly clean out his pockets.

The second time Sheyndlya married a rich old Jew Solomon Shkolnik (which also left without money), and the third - for the train thief Michel Blyuvshteyn, under his name, and it appears in all court cases. Marriage gave her daughter, Tabbi, but quickly fell apart because the husband was furious when Sonia decided their cases via sexual charms.

The robbery of a jewelry store on Petrovka Khlebnikov

Initially, Sonia came across surprisingly rare, and in these cases it could come out dry from the water. When Sonya Golden Hand was the first time in the dock, reported by all the Russian newspapers. In just a few days spent in the Smolensk prison, Sonia charmed guards - she read them poems in different languages, herbs stories about life in distant lands ... In general, one gendarme arranged escape and ran with it. After he was caught and tried, and Sonia went to "bomb" the rich fool. Once she even cleaned out your own lawyer, but he still defended it.

In August 1885 the store manager T. recommend a collection of jewelry for 22 thousand 300 rubles Courland Baroness Sophia Buxhowden. When the jewels were packed, the old lady remembered that she had forgotten the money home. She, along with diamonds for cash hastily withdrew, leaving as collateral accompanying relatives - father, gray-haired, and a female infant with bonnoy. When two hours later, said the station, it was found that these "relatives" were employed in Khitrovka ad in the newspaper.

The audience was delighted by the antics Sonin. We are so much fun to watch as others hype as the victims do not become ourselves. The popularity of the Golden Pen of the people was so great that in the era of lack of television news it recognized on the street. At first, it`s even helped - the excited crowd could push the police. But popularity soon began to seriously interfere with Sonkin scams. In addition, over the years, Sophia Blyuvshteyn became sentimental. Returned 5000 rubles thieved her as a widow, who had two daughters. The actor of the Maly Theater in a burst of feeling sent to the scene of a gold watch, shot in the Hall from a neighbor. Seeing in the hotel room of a young man sleeping next to which lay a revolver and a letter to his mother with the recognition of embezzling 300 rubles issued for treatment sister, Sonia took a 500-ruble banknote and slipped out of the room. In addition, she spent a lot of money on training daughters who inherited the artistic talent of his mother, were subsequently operetta stage, but carefully concealed their origin.

not repeatable

In the end, Sonya really madly in love, and this passion of her later ruined. Young handsome thief Volodya Kochubchik (in the world Wolf Bromberg, who began his career at age 8) can be easily turned into gigolos. He lost everything, "earned the" Golden Pen of cards, and it was forced to more risk, nervous, make mistakes, and in the end her luck finally changed. After an incredibly loud trial Blyuvshteyn Sophia went to Sakhalin. Mourners her character all of Odessa. And her young lover, finished 6 months "working at home", became a wealthy landowner in the south of Russia.

On Sakhalin Sonya ran three times. The first time it just came back and scolded, after the second - shackled (it was the first chained woman in the history of hard labor!), On the third attempt, perfect either alone, or with a lover killer Bogdanov, Sophia broke down. According to some reports, she died soon after. On the other - I resigned, became soderzhatelnitsey leavened, entertained the locals.

But that will be the final of our history! In fact, even the heads of penal servitude was not sure that it is serving a term of Sophia Blyuvshteyn rather than a figurehead. Especially after Europe in the late nineties swept a series of thefts, very familiar handwriting. Anton Chekhov saw during his trip to Sakhalin famous adventurer, also wondered - is this the same woman who recently drove everyone crazy, but now "all the time sniffing the air like a mouse in a mousetrap, and the expression in her mouse".

Odessans claimed that Sonia was living incognito in the street Prokhorov. And in 1921, when the Cheka shot her latest lover, I was traveling in a car on Deribasovskaya and throw money "at the funeral of her husband." It is said that the last days of the Golden Pen was living in Moscow with subsidiaries that concealed from men their shiftless mummy, because here and buried ...

A lot of what they say, but no one knows just how it was in reality. It is clear that Sophia Blyuvshteyn once finished their earthly age, but Sonka Golden Hand still circles the planet. And to finish this adventurous story can be words barrister Shmakov, once said in court: "Sophia Blyuvshteyn - an outstanding example of what can be put on the criminal scene Jewry."