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Year of birth: 1988

Age: 27 years

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship: United States


Of all the alternative rock bands of the early `90s," Smashing pumpkins "were the least influenced by traditional underground rock. Guitarist and songwriter Billy Corgan created a mixture of progressive, heavy metal,gothic and psychedelic, creating a layered, powerful sound. In fact, "Smashing pumpkins" became the model for successful alternative band- "Nirvana" was too destructive, and "Pearl jam" avoid success.

The son of a jazz guitarist, Billy Corgan grew up in the Chicago suburbs, 19 left home to go to Florida with his fledgling goth band,"The markes". But the team failed and he in 1988 returned to Chicago. In the shop, where he got a job, Billy met James Iha (guitar), with whom they began to record, using a percussion drum machine.

Soon Corgan met with guitarist D`Arsi Vretski, which was to play bass with them. Group beefed up drummer Jimmy Chamberlin,He called "Smashing pumpkins". In 1990 -m "Pumpkins" released their first single, "I am one", published in the local label "Limited Potential". The album quickly sold out, and in December there was another release, "Tristessa". Then we began hustling record company. "Smashing pumpkins" decided to sign a contract with "Virgin Records".Smashing pumpkinsVypuschenny spring of 1991 "Gish" was the ubiquitous hit, especially among students. "Pumpkin" organized a global tour in support of the disc, which lasted more than a year, which included their speech with "Red hot chili peppers" and "Pearl jam". During the tour,the relationship between the team members have worsened: Iha and former lovers quarrel D`Arsi, Chamberlin became interested in drugs and alcohol, and Corgan fell into a severe depression. The same continued the recording of their second album. But Corgan quietly get rid of depression, and set to work with renewed energy,taking on the record of almost all the guitar and bass parts. However menie album output postponed several times. The disc appeared on the shelves in July of 1993, and then burst into the charts at number 10. The best things on it were "Cherub Rock", "Today" and "Disarm".

"Smashing pumpkins" headlined "the Lollapalooza 1994" ,and after the tour, the band returned to the studio, started recording a new album. Between studiynikami in October 1994, a collection of inverse sides of singles and rare tracks "Pisces Iscariot" was released. Working at full strength, with the participation of producers Flood and Alan Moulder, "Smashing pumpkins" recorded a double,called "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness".

Smashing pumpkinsMnogie doubted that the dual drive, especially with the stupid name, will be a success. However, the album okazalya on the first line of the charts. In the US, it has sold over 4 million copies, bringing plastinkastala multi-platinum. "Pumpkin" collected whole stadiums and were at the peak of popularity when the problems started in the group again. July 12, died of a heroin overdose keyboardist Jonathan Melvin. Chamberlin miraculously managed to absorb the same dose, but he was expelled from the team. "Smashing pumpkins" spent two months searching for a new drummer.In August it was announced that the group will be touring drummer Matt Walker and Dennis Flemion - touring keyboardist, then "Pumpkin" went to a five-month tour. In the spring of 1997 "Smashing pumpkins" recorded two soundtrack to the film "Batman & Robin". At the beginning of 1998, Iha recorded his first solo album,and a few months followed by another group LP, "Adore", was not very successful. After that the team returned Chamberlin, but left D`Arsi.

A little time later, Corgan announced his decision to dissolve the group. With the former bassist "Hole" Melissa Auf der Maur instead D`Arsi, in 2000 "Smashing pumpkins" began his farewell tour.December 2 in Chicago, they gave the final concert. In 2001, Corgan together with Chamberlin muddied new project "Zwan", as Iha and Auf Der Maur began to play "The virgins".

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Smashing Pumpkins picture
Smashing Pumpkins photo
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