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Year of birth: 1967

Age: 48 years

Place of birth: San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship: United States


Sylvester Stewart was born on March 15, 1944 in Texas, and in 1950 moved with his family in San Francisco. Music,he started from the earliest years and in four years with the family group "Stewart four" wrote the first gospel. In high school he changed its name to Sly Sylvester and engaged in the performance of rock `n` roll.

Then he got a DJ on the rhythm-and- blues radio station, and the show turned out to be so popular,that Sly was the place the producer in "Autumn records". Enriched with new experiences, Stewart decided to gather his own group. The structure of "Stoners" (this was the original name) included Cynthia Robinson (born 12 January 1946 ;. Tube), Jerry Martini (born October 1, 1943 ;. Saxophone), Rosie Stone (born March 21, 1945 ;. Keyboards) Stone Freddie (born June 5, 1946 ;. Guitar), Greg Errico (born September 1, 1946 ;.. Drums) and Larry Graham (born August 14, 1946 ; bass).

In 1967, the group renamed itself "Sly and The Family Stone" and under this brand made its debut with the single "I ain`t Got nobody". Almost immediately he signed a contract with "Epic records",which released the band`s first album. The mixing of races and sexes as a team and led to a confusion of musical styles. On the plate there were psychedelic, funk, rhythm and blues and dance tunes. Major hit with "Whole new thing" was the song "Dance to the music", broke into the Top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic.Sly & The Family StoneIzryadnoy popularity of "Sly and The Family Stone" added their stage action with fantastic hairstyles and costumes, as well as with elements of choreography. In 1968

th released the single "Everyday people", a line of which ("different strokes for different folks") has become a popular saying of the late 60 `s.A major breakthrough band made "Stand" in 1969, throwing on the album market. The disc contains a series of hits, including "Don`t call me nigger, whitey" and "Sing a simple song", and its circulation was more than two million copies. In that year, the team toured, and also noted the performance at the legendary Woodstock festival. Meanwhile,the rich rock `n` roll life began to have a negative impact on relations in the team, and Sly began to seek access to the drugs. For this reason, the concerts "Sly and The Family Stone" is now often frustrated, but in 1970, a team of several rehabilitated by giving hit "Thank you (Falettin me be mice elf agin)". However, the pressure,Sly exerted on all sides, and his superstar status continued to drive the musician on the cocaine route. At the beginning of 1971, the team left Greg Errico, and the next two years, the team had to use sessionschikov services.

Sly & The Family StoneK end of the year there was a long-awaited new album. Despite,that "There`s a riot goin` on" the move hit the top of the "Billboard", this disc was markedly different from previous works. Cheerfulness and joy gave way to gloomy calm. Around the same vein, I was born, and the next album, "Fresh". By this time, Larry Graham went to "Graham central station", freeing up space for Rusty Allen.The group have been other changes, but they were of little importance, since almost all of Sly`s studio work carried out almost alone. Soon, interest in "Sly and The Family Stone" quickly began to fade, and by 1975 the team began to experience serious financial difficulties.

The case ended the fact that the partners have escaped from Sly,and he was almost alone. However, the musician still released several CDs, using the name "Sly and The Family Stone", and one record under his own name. Because of addiction to cocaine, he never got rid of, albums came out sporadically. In 1987 -m Sly was arrested for drug possession, and after this incident at all tied up with the music.He last appeared in public in 1993 at a ceremony introducing "Sly and The Family Stone" in the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." At the beginning of the new millennium, members of the "Family Stone" made an attempt to revive the team, but not a Larry Graham, neither the Sly did not take part in it.

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