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Year of birth : 1993

Age: 22 year

Place of birth : Des Moines, United States

Citizenship : United States


Crossbreed "Korn", "Marilyn Manson" and rap - metal group executable, helped "Slipknot" to become one of the most popular bands of nu- metal wave of the late 90s. Glory team have also added their costumes in the spirit of the Halloween holiday ,as well as the numbering of all the gang members the numbers 0 to 8. Adding here bleak, nihilistic lyrics and a large army of fans, called Maggotami ("Maggots"), you can get an idea of what is "Slipknot". The band formed in 1995 in the provincial town shtatovskih Des Moinesand received its current name after the change of a number of signs and a few shuffles composition.

Ustakanilos numbered configuration as follows : DJ Sid Wilson (0) , drummer Joey Jordison (1) , bassist Paul Gray (2) , percussionist Chris Fehn (3) , guitarist Jim Root (4) , programmer - semplist Craig Jones (5),percussionist Shawn " Clown " Krehen (6) , guitarist Mick Thompson (7) , and vocalist Corey Taylor (8) .

SlipknotMuzykalnaya scene Des Moines, about which virtually nothing was known, became quite tedious ordeal for the group, which people perceive with great disbelief and bewilderment. But the guys tried not to pay much attention to it and continued to work. By 1996, they scraped together some money to release his first album, "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat". The plate was printed edition of a thousand copies, but still managed to attract the attention of show business. First, for its spread came from a distribution office in Nebraska, and then stirred and majors. Prompt all was the label "Roadrunner Records", concluded the contract c group in 1997.

Under the guidance of well-known nu- metal producer Ross Robinson "Slipknot" began self-titled album for the record,I saw the light in 1999. After his release the team expected a tight tour schedule, which included a performance at the famous "Ozzfest".

SlipknotEnergichnye incendiary concerts guys in masks collected more and more people, and the army of fans group has grown steadily. Songs of "Slipknot" is often heard in the air ,and especially popular "Wait and Bleed" and "Spit It Out". Three months after the release of the second edition of the disc has passed for " platinum " mark. This rapid growth in sales led to a re-release of the album in December of the same year. The excitement in anticipation of the next release was very high, and many predicted him first place. However, some predictions were not fulfilled, and in 2001 the album "Iowa" took only third place in the charts. As usual, after the release of the disc took a tour group.

Fairly pokolesit concerts and once again set the heat to " Ozzfest ", the band allowed themselves a break. But in fact no one idly sittingall engaged in a solo work or participation in side projects, and even founded his own label, "Maggot records". And in November 2002, he was born with a DVD recording of the concert "Slipknot" at London`s Wembley Stadium.

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