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Year of birth : 2008

Age: 7 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

One of the most sexy duets

`Sleigh Bells` - musical duo from Brooklyn, founded in 2008. Project participants - Derek Miller (Derek Miller) and Alexis Krauss (Alexis Krauss). The style in which musicians play, commonly characterized as noyz-pop.

By the time the base `Sleigh Bells` and Miller and Krauss were not new to the music - Derek has gained some popularity, playing guitar in a band ` Poison the Well`, Alexis and began performing as a teenager in `RubyBlue` group. Incidentally, Alexis, who from childhood was very artistic, always dreamed to become famous one way or another. Bright and original, she came to the Miller project just in time, and later he has repeatedly stated that Alexis - incredibly talented singer.

They met in 2008, Derek was working in a bistro in Brooklyn (Brooklyn), and one day my mother dined at Bistro Alexis. So when he heard that Derek - musician and look for a companion ,Mother immediately prekomendovala his daughter. The two met in the park, listen together a demo tape of Derek, and soon began to rehearse together. Much later, Alexis, remembering that first meeting, said that even though his sound and it seemed interesting, she was not sure if he wants to start a creative relationship.

No matter how,in October 2009 godazhe released a mini - album of the new group `Sleigh Bells`, and he was incredibly successful - to the newly created duo mentioned sources such as ` The Guardian`, `The New York Times`,` Pitchfork Media` and ABC News. The December edition of `The Guardian` even called ` Sleigh Bells` ` dnya` group.

The single `Tell` Em`, which came out in 2010 ,preceded the first full-length album `Treats`, and later in the same 2010, the duo performed at several music festivals - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Primavera Sound Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival.

The second album - `Reign of Terror` - saw the light at the beginning of 2012,and it is expected in a very confident group of young army of fans. By the way, a marketing album has not gone unnoticed in the media, and even `Sleigh Bells` were guests on the show ` Saturday Night Live`, which performed two of his most popular compositions - `Comeback Kid` and ` End of the Line`.

The last album to date, the group is `Bitter Rivals`, Released in October 2013th. The album was very successful - in addition to the space

Top- 50 of the American charts, he was awarded a mention in many music and not just music publications. The musicians are very satisfied - they recognize that this new work from them, no one expected, and, besides, they were able to present to the public a few new sound. In an interview with `Rolling Stone` musicians were told that the work on poslednimalbomom they interact with each other more and more dense than before. So, literally all the records they made and brought together. In fact, many fans of the group pointed out that `Sleigh Bells` somewhat softened their sound ,but the musicians worry - everything is done exactly as intended.

And Derek and Alexis said that recently they vreya pretty much changed my life - both the more tired of the constant ` tusovok` and started going to the gym and box. And Derek parted with a beer and started drinking water and to look closely to the fruit.New life has been very inspiring - almost Derek swears he prefers to forget about the past.

Alexis Krauss nazyvayutsegodnya already one of the most sexy modern performers, and Derek Miller respectfully said about it : ` Alexis sings as if has moved down from katushek`.

So,Today the group has `Sleigh Bells` Active three official albums, and many music critics have closely watch this eccentric and promising duo

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