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Year of birth : 1981

Age: 35 years

Place of birth : Hantington-Park, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Thrill of the ` big chetverki` thrash metal

Slayer - thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California (Huntington Park, California). Musical style characterizes the collective speed tremolo guitar riffs, double bass drum technique and screaming vocals. Slayer was accused of incitement to murder, Satanism, Nazism and racism.

The team was formed in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King (Kerry King) and Jeff Hanneman (Jeff Hanneman). Rise to fame began with the release of the album `Reign in Blood` in 1986, and quickly became a Slayer ` chetverku` great thrash metal bands, along with of Metallica ,Megadeth and Anthrax.

Since the release of their debut album in 1983, Slayer presented twelve studio albums, two live, one box set, six videos, two mini-albums and one album of covers. Four album received the ` golden status` in the United States. Slayer five times claimed ` Gremmi`, winning the award in 2007-m for the song `Eyes of the Insane` and 2008 for the song ` Final Six` (both songs from the album `Christ Illusion`- th 2006).

Slayer band performed at music festivals around the world, including in the framework of the tour `The Unholy Alliance Tour`, at a rock festival ` Download` and metal festival `Ozzfest`.

In the original part of the King ,Hanneman and leading voalist / bassist Tom Araya (Tom Araya) were responsible for most of the lyrical Slayer material. Most of the musical material was written by King and Hanneman, assisted by Araya and drummer Dave Lombardo (Dave Lombardo).

Lyrics for the album cover and cover topics such as murder, serial murder ,necrophilia, torture, genocide, experiments on humans, satanism, hate crimes and terrorism. Slayer also not spared religion, anti-religion, natszm and war. Not surprisingly, the group criticized the religious organizations and ordinary listeners and had serious difficulties with the release of albums and sell them in different countries.

Nevertheless,Slayer music has had a major impact on the universes of thrash metal and death metal ` and helped to set the standard for hundreds of new thrash metal kollektivov`. MTV Channel called Slayer ` sixth of the greatest metal bands of all vremen` ; according to VH1`s group was on the 50th place in the list of performers ` 100velichayshih hard roka`. In the period between 1991 and 2013-m Slayer has sold 4.9 million copies of their albums only in the United States.

In 1996, Slayer has been sued 15 -year-old Alice Palero (Elyse Pahler) parents, who claimed that their daughter`s killers pushed the terrible acts is text songs. Three fan Slayer pumped Palero drug and then strangled ,beaten and raped, then stabbed and had intercourse with the corpse, having made a sacrifice to the devil IMT way.

The case was closed May 19, 2000 th ; the court ruled that the Slayer and the like are spreading pernicious products for teens, encouraging violent acts through their lyrics. It was added ,Without deliberate marketing strategy death metal group Slayer ` none of the criminal acts of perverse Alice Mary Palero would not be soversheno`.

However, in 2001, the claim was rejected for several reasons, including on the basis of ` printsiposvobody words, lack of commitment and capabilities predvidet` ,the consequences of listening to this or that music. Alice `s parents filed a claim petition for the second time - against the Slayer, the label group and other record companies. Withdraw the case Judge Jeffrey Burke stated: ` I do not think music Slayer offensive, obscene or destructive nesovershennoletnih`. Slayer was accused of expressing sympathy for the Nazis, pointing to the similarity of the group `s logo with an eagle emblem of the Third Reich and the text `Angel of Death` composition. Song `Angel of Death` tells about the terrible experiments of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele (Josef Mengele) over the people in the concentration camp Auschwitz (the Nazi was nicknamed ` Angel smerti`) . Slayer participants themselves have repeatedly stated that in any case do not justify Nazism and simply interested in this topic.

A cover of the song `Guilty of Being White` hardcore punk band Minor Threat raised the issue of maintaining komndy Slayer white racial superiority theory.The reason for suspicion was the change at the end of the song the phrase `guilty of being white` on ` guilty of being right`. Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye (Ian MacKaye) said that such a variation is an insult to him. Kerry King explained that the changes were mockingly ironic character,and what to see in this manifestation of racism - is ridiculous.

In 2004, Tom Araya during an interview was asked an interesting question : ` Do the critics are understood, that you are simply mired in a parody ` ?. The musician said, ` No. People think that we sing about all seriously ! `` In the past, the organization acted PMRC [ offers to supply wheels special notices about the presence of the unwanted texts of songs, according to the PMRC, content ]. PMRC literally took everything to heart, while we really just tried to create an image. We were designed to scare narod`.

Araya also denied the rumors ,chtouchastniki Slayer - Satanists, but added that the group finds the topic interesting Satanism. He said : ` All of us on this planet to learn it and eksperimentirovat`.

Song from the album `Jihad` ` Christ Illusion` displeased families, one way or another affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The composition describes the events of 11 September in terms of a religious terrorist. Slayer Group explained that this story was chosen without Lio hint of sympathy for terrorists.

Album `Christ Illusion` was recalled EMI in India (India) after the protest of Christian groups, disgruntled release design.The cover depicts a mutilated Christ - without eyes, with amputated hands, standing in a sea of blood, where several heads floating.

The founder of Slayer - Jeff Hanneman - died of liver failure May 2, 2013 -th. The official cause of death Hanneman : cirrhosis of the liver associated with alcohol abuse.

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