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The American team of Las Vegas "Slaughter" was formed in 1989 by vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist The given Strum. Composition complement Tim Kelly (guitar) and Blas Elias (drums) .

The first album to go broke into the charts "Billboard", ranking it 18 th place. Such a meteoric rise contributed to the singles "Up all night" and "Fly to the angels", settled in the national television and radio. While "Stick it to ya" reached the platinum mark, "Slaughter" had a tour in the company of "Kiss", released a home video and a live EP "Stick it live", and also received a prestigious award - "American music award".

The second release was even steeper than its predecessor, and made his debut in "Billboard" in the eighth position. Exit plate accompanied by joint tour with Ozzy Osbourne and "Damn Yankees". While for "Slaughter" all went well, but in the middle of the sessions of "Fear no evil" in the team started having problems.

Slaughter first guitarist Tim Kelly and turbineGroup manager have been arrested for drugs, and then had an accident

Dana Strum. When, despite these incidents, recording the album still managed to finish, it turned out that company "Chrysalis" has lost all interest in their wards. Bought the rights to his creation took the musicians four months ,and three months were spent in the search for a new shelter. Finally, "Slaughter" have found a roof in the form of "CMC international", and in 1995, "Fear no evil" was published.

However, when the musical climate has changed dramatically and "hairy " rock very few people interested. Nevertheless, the group held a full tour, and her visit to Japan was a great success. When the team came back from a tour, it finally joined Tim Kelly, had just settled their differences with the law.

Slaughter Issue "Revolution", an album with a psychedelic touch, followed by a concert in the company of Alice Cooper, "Dokken" and "Warrant". Part of the tour was the basis of the plate "Eternal live".This record was the last to Kelly, who died in 1998 in a car accident. Tim took place young guitarist Jeff Blandot. The first concert of "Slaughter" Jeff took place in Salt Lake City in June 1998. After the tour "Rock never stops" musicians again do studio work. At this time (unlike the previous albums) in the creation of the material "Back to reality" took all four of the team members involved.

In the summer of 2000, the Group has successfully worked on tour with "Cinderella", "Poison" and "Dokken" and the following year participated in the "Voices of metal tour" with Vince Neil, "Ratt" and "Vixen". In the middle of 2003-of company "Capital records" re-released the first two albums "Slaughter" with added bonus material. A year later, the team released a retrospective DVD "Then and now".

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