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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of birth : London, UK

Citizenship : United States


The name of the London quartet "Skunk Anansie" was taken from the fairy mythology West Indies. Deborah Anne Dyer ,born September 3, 1967 in the Brixton area of London where afroanglichane live. As a teenager, she was delirious ideas of freedom, and her idol was the leader of American freedom fighters Angela Davis. Later she graduated from the Polytechnic in Middlesbrough.

In its bowels and originates her musical career ; Deborah girl disappeared, and was born skinhead rocksinger Skin. The first turned out to be like-minded black bassist Richard Keith Lewis. Together they came up with the name of the new group and in January 1994 began to pick up musicians. Five months later, on the independent label, they "One Little Indian" recorded their debut song "Little Baby Swastikkka".By that time, "Skunk Anansie" also includes guitarist Ace and drummer Robert French. Song started in ether, and very soon she took first place in the " Air Force " charts. This was followed by the single "Selling Jesus" / "I Can Dream".

Soon after work began on the debut album "Skunk Anansie". Made without any frills studio, "Paranoid Sunburnt",He was released September 18, 1995, showing almost live sound. However, he showed so perfect for the debut of a mixture of funk, punk, reggae, gospel and hard rock that the magazine "Kerrang!" He called " Skunks " best new British band in 1995. Debut "Skunk Anansie" firmly stuck in Ton- 10, and the singles "Weak" and "Charity" - the Top - 20. Skunk AnansieNa stage "Skunk Anansie" looked very aggressive, combining artistic tradition glitter -rock `70s punks with licentiousness. Over time, the personality itself Skin came to the fore. Athletic aggressiveness combined with feline grace and artistic mimicry formed its own unique way of live. After a world tour "Skunk Anansie" returned home with a new drummer, since Frencha work for a long time did not suit others. They became Mark Richardson, who joined the group two weeks before the recording of the single "All I Want", and then do all the follow-up album "Stoosh". Besides politics, the subject of many songs have become the eternal theme of love. These are the "Milk Is My Suga" and "Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)".

"Stoosh" was more solid and deep, as well as softer and more lyrical than the debut. Already on the results of October drive took ninth place in the charts. "Skunk Anansie" successfully conducted a world tour with the "Therapy?", Lenny Kravitz, and "Bon Jovi".In 1997, followed by a tour in Europe and Australia, and the singles "Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)" and "Brasen (Weep)" quickly entered the Top 20.

Skunk AnansieIzvestie that

"Stoosh" found in Britain platinum, " Skunks " met in the Wild West. Interrupting the tour ,They returned home to attend the awards ceremony "MTV Awards" in two categories : " Best Rock Group " and " Best Live Band ". In May 1998, the "Skunk Anansie" signed a contract on his transition to "Virgin Records". The work on the third album took place in other, more comfortable environment.Album is preceded by the single "Charlie Big Potato" immediately became the leading positions in the charts. Introduced March 22 "Post Orgasmic Chill" did not disappoint anyone`s expectations - "Skunk Anansie" released a real masterpiece. To maintain continuity, the musicians managed to strengthen all elements of synthesis and achieve perfection in sound. After his presentation the band embarked on a world tour, will continue until November. During this time, "Skunk Anansie" has made more than 80 appearances as a headliner in Europe, Australia and North America. In the spring of 2001, the press reported that the band broke up. Team members have decided that together they have already done everything they could do ,and now it was time to pursue a solo career.

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