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SKINLAB regularly given local value kontsety, independently or in support of bands like Machine Head, CROWBAR, VOIVOD and for Forbidden, perfecting his devastating style and compositional skills.Formed part in September 1995 in San Francisco Steev Esquivel and Mike Roberts, SKINLAB regularly gave kontsety local values ??, independently or in support of bands such as Machine Head, CROWBAR, VOIVOD and for Forbidden, perfecting his devastating style and compositional skills. Two demo,and Suffer When Pain Comes To Surface (the latter has produced a James Murphy (ex- TESTAMENT, OBITUARY, DEATH) and financed by Roadrunner), SKINLAB created a sound that can be described as a dark, sinister hybrid Machine Head and Neurosis, but such intensitywhich can not withstand any comparison. Fury,with whom the band performed their material eventually attracted the attention of Century Media, which immediately entered into a contract with them at the beginning of 1997. Robb Flynn of Machine Head (he helped the group stage in the pre-album production) described them as one of the most impressive new bands on the scene today.SKINLAB entered Hyde studio in San Francisco in February and began work on their debut album, mixing was carried out in Liverpool, England`s Parr Street. Producer Andy Sneap (worked with MACHINE HEAD, NAPALM DEATH, EXODUS, Earth Crisis), Bound, Gagged And Blindfolded was released in Europe and immediately attracted the attention of the press,Kerrang! I called the album "a monster. . Giant portion of uncontrolled power", Metal Hammer described it as "absolutely classic" and Terrorizer wrote "it is - one of the most devastating debuts."The album was accompanied by month European tour with Machine Head / Napalm Death / Coal Chamber (which included a performance at the Dynamo Open air in the Netherlands), with performances of Exodus and the three -week tour with Grip Inc.SKINLAB caused throughout the mostly positive reviews.Then the preparation and conduct an extensive US tour with bands like of Exodus, Stuck Mojo, (hed) p.e., Skrew. Right in the course of this tour, they lose both old guitarists, they come to replace veteran Scott Sergeant (Killing Culture, Laaz Rockit) and Snake (Skrew). SKINLAB released a limited edition (numbered by hand) five-song EP Eyesore November 3rd, 1998. It will be a collector`s edition as only 5,000 copies will be printed. Two new songs, live tracks, the composition of the second demo and Brujeria carpet "Raza Odiada (Peto Wilson)". Skinlab then starts recording the next polnometrazhki in Texas with Andy Sneap again as a producer and planned exit in March 1999. The band goes on tour again in November 1998. In December EP entire edition is sold out. However, several thousand were sent abroad, creating an even greater deficit in America. A full-length album is scheduled for the 23rd of February. The name did not come up immediately, and staged a competition through the English Metal Hammer,readers had to send their proposals. Skinlab also shot a video for the song "Know Your Enemies". It can be seen on some music channels (VIVA2, for example). The new album, "Disembody:", released in April! A group made the European tour with Entombed, pobyla couple of days at home and on the road again with Napalm Death on the US.They zaedut and Dynamo is the festival, and there is no rest for Skinlab, because three days after they return to begin with Neurosis month tour in June. The new album, "Disembody:. .." brings a great success, indeed single and video Know Your Enemies.Now held their third US tour in support of the album (with Napalm Death and Neurosis) band from the Bay Area will be 5 weeks headlining act with Pissing Razors, both groups can also be seen on the Milwaukee Metalfest and The Cleveland World Series Of Metal. Group think better of the idea of ??a new video for the single Second Skin,which is to be filmed in the summer of 1999 and released in January. Then turn another 6 week US tour with S.O.D and Crowbar. Getting it under Halloween in New Orleans and end in Australia for a couple of weeks before Christmas. And plans to return to Europe in the winter / early spring for a series of shows.Skinlab plans to show a new video on MTV (Return Of The Rock, 120 Minutes and TRL), The Box, Much Music

, VH1 (Rock Show) and some how regional channels. Planned performance at the March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey March 10, 2000.

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