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Date of Birth: 07/10/1979

Age: 37

Birthplace: Constanta

Citizenship: Romania


Simon was born in Constanta, with 6 years was engaged in gymnastics. In 1994 he became a member of the national team and in the same year won the first gold - in the team competition at the World Championships in Dortmund. A year later, the Romanian team with Amanar composed of repeated success at the championship in the Japanese Saba. In 1996 he came to her advances and individual competitions - she was second in the vault at the World Championships in San Juan and won three gold at the European Championships in Birmingham - vault, uneven bars in the team competition.

At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Amanar it was considered one of the favorites and one of the leaders of the Romanian team. The competition, however, began to fail her - she fell in qualifying with logs and became only the fourth in the Romanian national team, which deprived it of summer and the absolute primacy. Nevertheless, the decision of the coaching she received the right to start in the absolute superiority, instead of Alexandra Marinescu, as a result of Simon shared the third place with teammate Lavinia Milosovici. More Amanar one bronze won in the team competition. In some shells Simone reached the final only on a log in on the parallel bars exercises she shared 5th place in freestyle won silver, losing Lilia Podkopayeva and in its corona vault became an Olympic champion, confident ahead of rivals.

Every four years between the Games in Atlanta and Sydney brought Simone status solid leader of the Romanian team. However, it still failed to win the absolute superiority in any major start in that period, all the gold medals she won at the World and European championships were either team championships medals or medals for winning the vault.

Amanar very successfully performed at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, but the Romanian team leader at that time already was considered a young Andrea Raducan. Romanian woman in a bitter struggle won the gold team starts, beating a strong Russia team led by Svetlana Khorkina and Elena Zamolodchikova and achieved splendid success in the absolute superiority, having shown the three best results - the first was the Raduchan, second and third Amanar Maria Olaru. However, a few days Raducan doping test showed the presence of a prohibited substance. Disqualification teammate Simona Amanar brought long-awaited gold of absolute superiority. History, however, will be continued when after some time the substance of which was disqualified Raducan, was excluded from the list of banned. Despite this, the suspension has not been lifted, and Simona Amanar continues to be the Olympic champion in this form. In some shells at these Games Amanar acted only in vault (6th place) and floor exercise (bronze medal).

After the Games in Sydney Simona Amanar left the sport. During his career, she won seven Olympic medals (three of them gold), six times won the gold at the world championships, and 5 on the European.

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