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Founded in the mid-80s the brothers Lou and Pete Koller band "Sick of it all" later became one of the most prominent teams in the New York punk - hardcore scene.

Staying true to its roots ,with his uncompromising style team has grown from the indie - band status to the powerful act of the concert, had settled on a major label, simply touring company "Helmet" and "Rancid". At the same time they managed not without problems, since the group is often attributed to the promotion of violence.shot several classmates became Man One of these occasions, dressed in T-shirts "SOIA".

But back to the beginning of history. In the first part of "Sick of it all" includes Lou (vocals) , Pete (guitar) , Rich Cipriano (bass) and Armand Majidi (drums) . In 1987 on the independent label "Revalation records" the band released a self-titled EP,consisting of nine songs. The popularity of the team on the East Coast grew rapidly thanks to performances in places such as the club "CBGB`s".

Sick of it allV next time the name "Sick of it all" present on vinyl when "Revalation" published a collection of "New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is".A year later, a contract was signed with "Relativity recordings", and in July 1989 released their debut album. "Blood, sweat & no tears" is a collection of nineteen downhole tracks and the length of almost every one of them was less than two minutes. After this release "Sick of it all" shells in the first national tour,where the musicians warmed up "Bad brains". In the middle of the tour left Armand Majidi, who moved to the position of vocalist in "Rest in pieces". The remainder of the tour as a part of "SOIA" Max tapped Kapshou.

Armand came back in 1991, when the group recorded a mini - album, "We stand alone". However, on the road prior to the release, neither he ,Cipriano did not participate either. Basuhu while tormented Eddie Cohen, and the drums thrashed some EK Disc 1992 (the most powerful in history) "Sick of it all" recorded in the original line-up, and at the end of the sessions the slim ranks were broken leaving Cipriano. Before the first round of the Euro- Japanese position of bass player Craig took Setar. Sick of it allV 1994, the team moved under the wing

EastWest records ", which debuted with the album " Scratch the surface ". Before the next three years of studio work came a pause ,filled with the appearance of two discs on "Lost & found records" - live album "Live in a world full of hate" and a collection of early tracks titled "Spreading the hardcore reality". During all this time, "Sick of it all" actively touring, expanding the boundaries of their activity in Central and South America. By 1999, the team relocated to the "Fat wreck chords", debuting in a new place with the single "Potential for a fall".

On the album "Call to arms" and "Yours truly" team returned to the fury of the early stuff, but the compositions were still somewhat shapeless. In 2002, she released a live album "Live in a dive",and the following year appeared studiynik "Life on the ropes". Unfortunately, it again was not enough decent tracks. The principle of the last three studio works "Sick of it all" could make an album, but then he would not concede in strength "Just look around".

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