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Shyheim - storm show business make you remove tchotchke.

A lot has changed in my life once the youngest family member Wu-Tang Shyheim`a sincehe first appeared on the scene.

What happened to your on-line reality show ?

- It`s time to engage with them. Doing these things everywhere watching you cameras was just as hard as the respect the curfew at 9 pm (after the liberation Shyheim- in will be a good boy for three years ,not to appear again in places not so remote - a comment) .. I felt like I `m trying to do everything at the same time, at the same time releasing the album - it was difficult. So I decided to interrupt the show yet. I`m sure to him then come back and hope to achieve more coverage and broaden the base of their fans.

You`re doing a rap before,than on the stage were all the children of rappers such as Bow Wow, Romeo, J-Kwon. Did you feel that getting into the industry at such an early age determined by the host you decide for you?

- Exactly. When I got in this game, my life began to flow more quickly, and it affects up to now. But if I was able to beat it all over again ,I would have gone to school and college and have a degree in business, to have an idea of what I then had to talk. Instead, I got my business experience through the courts and all these troubles.

Despite the fact that your last album (one of those that came to the prison) was successful without any promotion ,Do you feel that the parole printing slows your career ?

- It really bothers me greatly because many people all this negativity is not needed. When you hang these accusations, no one wants to see next to a guy, knowing that he was held for armed robbery. Everyone thinks ,that saw them hanging on the thousand- jewels they will hear a click and I`ll say something like, " Poh ! If you do not I think I`ll take your tchotchke. " I felt it many times, but always remembered through what I went through, and switched to the current realities.

Do you think that the industry has become more fearful with your return ?- You know, often I see all these dudes on the neck which hangs the whole house and they turn up the face. I always force myself not to think things like, " I`ll take this shit from you right now, and since I do not have this and no ointment, then you will only have to testify. " But for the sake of her daughter, I just do not touch this kind of people ,because they just check me. If I could change something in the industry, I would have made these people to be themselves. If you blinkered man, who was not in the quarter, but respect our struggle, I have no choice but sometimes the answer you Respect for your business. But if you want to hang out everywhere, depicting a thug ,as if you were of the quarter, and the there has never been, then narveshsya to problems because you will check all this.

Since you touched on this subject, what is your attitude to the glamorized negative image of the industry ?

- I think the reason for the success of this image lies in the fact that ignorant people much more than educated. All this just shows that our first community more. Plus children in schools do not teach anything, what they face and what they hear coming out. So when they hear someone like Mos Def`a or Talib`a Kweli, it is not that they did not like, they just do not understand.

And which cell this scenario, do you think ,are you?

- I feel like a dividing line, because there were times, I talked about the code all the street, and then I turned and I say that this road leads to consequences. I noticed that when I do not rhyme about the realities of the street, as well as about what can end in negative actions, no one wants to listen to it, at the same time ,If I say " yes, nigga, I will cut your face " is quite acceptable.

How do you think the future has changed since then, how you had a daughter ?

- She helped me to look at this for the future, as well as to learn to think about others. Do not get me wrong, but if I did 20 lemons, I will " roll until you drop " (laughs) but right now I`m more focused on what is good and right for my daughter.

Your fresh visions of the future will be reflected in your new album ?

- My new album that I call "featuring Devil Me" reflects my return to the free world. "The Greatest Story Never Told" was written at a time when I was sitting ,so that it shows my thoughts and feelings, which I deepened there. But now again we turn a millstone with cats in the area, hang out and relax with the girls. These are two completely different lives. Now again I can talk about those other things that I see on the street, rather than simply impart the knowledge gained. When we spoke with you last time, you said the situation with the Wu-Tang- th as a business, but family relationships. RZA has opened its label - you discussed with him the possibility of a joint venture ?

- You know, the funny thing is that my friends RZA, he taught me a lot and gave me a lot, but what I want from life, he can not give me. I know these games, and I know too much, just to work under him. I sense that now is the time to shine himself. No disrespect, I still feel his support.

Are you planning, or perhaps has already done some joint things with Math- ohm or anyone else, because I heard ,you seem to be contacted Mathematics and Soloman for a joint project ?

- Chesslovo, did not know that (laughs). I mean, that heard that they were tied to the project R. Diggs. So it may be that they have some kind of me, but no evidence has not yet. But if the papers would be all right, yes, damn it. I`m going to close, because that is absolutely sure that this can acquire something for themselves. You know, I do not eat the holy spirit, and a daughter, too, need to eat. But to go purely on fichering - neee. My next album is my pure solo, so called "Featuring My F * cking Self".

We heard that Jay-Z is now trying to Def Jam-ie to build a well- knit label, pulling back all staroshkolnyh artists. ..

- Dude, well, fuck, I do not staroshkolny (laughs) I`m just a young nigga who hangs with staroshkolnymi cats. Pass Dzheyu that he can always find me on the quarter. I still ordinary, he should just call out to me, or to do somethingelse coincides with my views.

We know that you have worked with Biggie and Tupac, but what about the Big L tattooed on your neck ?

- He was one of the guys, we did sovmestku Manchild on my album, but I knew it even before that, when hip - hop was hip-hop, you know. He was a great guy ,on which all this garbage superstar has not had any effect. We normally hung out and blew in his quarter, never any problems. But he is one of those artists who, I believe, has never been appreciated. So I did a tattoo with his name on the neck, to show people when I was growing up, he was there. I want to makethat no one will forget.

What do you want to say to your fans in the end ?

- I am me. I am, however, a simple guy, you do not need to carry a rider to communicate with me. Thank you for your love and if you like my albums support them. Call us on the radio, I did not twist, because I did not pay for the esters, even when the hint. Download my album "The Greatest Story Never Told" on Itunes. For those who do me a pure business interest, write to bottomupembassy@yahoo.com. Everyone else crazy nigga on the other side want to say : do not play my shit, because I changed it, and do not reach for me with the words, " remember me ", because I probably will not remember.

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