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Citizenship: United States

Manual company Google Inc.

Shona Brown began to lead Google`s business operations in 2003 after a decade of work in the field of high-tech consulting company in Toronto and Los Angeles in the company McKinsey and Company. As a partner at McKinsey, she led a group of "Global Strategy" (Global Strategy Practice) and has collaborated with a wide range of companies in the development strategy, the transformation of business models and solutions to problems in the work. She has extensive experience in the field of consumer technology hardware and software, electronic consumer services and market electronic media.

She has taught at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Graduate School of Stanford University, and led applets for graduate business in McKinsey. She wrote a best-selling book in the field of commerce Competing on the Edge: Strategy as an organized chaos (Competing on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos), in which it introduced a new strategic model of competition in the rapidly changing markets. In addition, Shona articles are widely published in scientific and popular and academic journals.

Shona has a bachelor`s degree on the development of computer systems at the University of Klertona in Canada and a master`s degree in economics and philosophy from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. She received a Ph.D. candidate and Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering at Stanford University.

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