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Iranian- American actress nominee for the Oscar award.

Shohreh Aghdashloo was born as Pari Vaziri - Tabar May 11, 1952 in TehranIran, a Shiite Muslim in a rich family.

Surname " Aghdashloo " inherited from her husband, famous Iranian painter Aydin Aghdashloo.

She began her career at 20 years of age. After many starring roles on stage Shore offered her first role in a movie, a drama directed by Abbas Kiarostami famous "Gozaresh".The very same film won the Critics Prize at the Moscow Film Festival. Aghdashloo then hit the Iranian melodrama "Shatranje Bad" (" Chess with the Wind") , directed by Mohammad Reza Aslani, which was presented at several film festivals.

Unfortunately, "Gozaresh" and "Shatranje Bad" were banned in her home country, but in 1978Aghdashloo warmly welcomed by the audience for her participation in the film "Sooteh Delan" (" Broken Hearts "), Iranian filmmaker Ali Hatami, which made her one of the leading actresses in Iran.

During the Iranian revolution of 1979 Shore left Iran in 1978 after moving to the city of Windermere, Cumbria, north- west coast of England. It is here that it has satisfied its longstanding ambition - has completed her education. Her interest in politics and concern for social injustice in the world, especially in her native Iran, prompted Aghdashloo earn a bachelor`s degree in international relations.

She continued to develop her acting career, but this desire led her to LosAngeles. In 1987, Aghdashloo married actor and playwright Hushang tighter. The couple have a daughter, whom they named Tara. After marriage Aghdashloo played in numerous productions Hushang, successfully passing on the national and international scenes, but, above all, in the Iranian community.Aghdashloo debut in American cinema was held in 1989 in the US- Dutch film "Guests of Hotel Astoria", a debut on television - 25 September 1990 in a guest role in the two-hour episode of NBC " Matlock " Channel series called "Nowhere to Turn : A Matlock Mystery Movie ".Aghdashloo played a saleslady in the credits was introduced simply as " Shore ".

She returned to American television only after three years, again playing a guest role in the popular sitcom "Martin". In an episode from April 1, 1993 she portrayed the character Malik. In the same year, the actress portrayed the character in the comedy The Holiday, "Twenty bucks. "

After seven years, Aghdashloo again got into the American film industry in 2000 after playing in Homa Armin well received critically acclaimed drama "Maryam" and Paris in the adventure drama "Surviving Paradise

.After her appearance in the role of exiled to America actress in " Surviving Paradise " Aghdashloo has accelerated its pace to fame in 2003 he received together with Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly one of drama roles Vadim Perelman`s " House of Sand and Fog. " The role of Nadi, inherited actress promoted her to the award nominees for the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

After such an important event in her career again Aghdashloo received a lot of good reviews for the game in episodes of the television series "24 Hours " Fox channel. Iranian actress entrusted with the role of Dina Araz, a secret Muslim terrorists living in Los Angeles as a woman and mother provided. However, this storyline has caused excitement among American Muslims and Iranians. The very same Aghdashloo in an interview with "Time" said that in the beginning as opposed stereotype assigned to the Muslims that they are all terrorists ,but the strength of its role and complexity of the display of its essence persuaded the actress to accept the offer to play a complicated character.

Actor Jonathan Adut son Aghdashloo played in the film " House of Sand and Fog " and "24" in the series.

The actress stars in the status of a guest starred in two episodes of the show NBC, which went on the air the same evening, March 23, 2006" Cowboys and Iranians " - epizd sitcom " Will & Grace ", where she played Pam (all forces wishing to become interior designer) ; and " Lost in America" - an episode of the medical drama series "ER" where Aghdashloo played mother survived a heavy loss - her daughter dies in a fracture clinic.

Shore no stopper career as an actress ,moderately continuing its development. She played Dr. Sadir Adani in horror Scott Derrickson, " The Exorcism of Emily Rose " in 2005 and the Asian -Indian doctor Kavita Rao in a fantastic action Brett Ratner "X-Men : The Last Stand " in 2006. Another two roles came to the actress and in 2006 participated in the parody comedy by Paul Weitz, " The American Dream ", where she plays a rich housewife whose family welcomes cousin sent by Pakistani terrorists to kill the president of America; and the role of Dr. Anna, a friend and colleague, Kate, a character actress Sandra Bullock ,in a touching melodrama with a fantasy story " The Lake House ," directed by Alejandro Agresti.

Also Aghdashloo made producer and narrator in the documentary "Mystic Iran: The Unseen World", commented documentary project Channel PBS "Iran: A Celebration of Art and Culture",audiobook "Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabiai reveals his vocal talents to the animated short film " Babak & Friends: A First Norooz ".

The actress starred in the pilot episode of the drama "The Secret Service" and played the role of Charlie in two of the three episodes of the failed television series " Thieves Extra Class. "

In 2006Aghdashloo appeared as Elizabeth in the family drama, Catherine Hardwicke`s " Divine birth", the biblical story of life`s journey of Mary and Joseph, who were earthly parents of Jesus Christ. Aghdashloo, playing cousin Mary, noted the irony of the situation - a Muslim playing a Jewish character.

In addition, the actress stated Aghdashloo such filmsas " Jeans - mascot 2 ", "In NorthWood" and "The Stoning of Soraya M.", as well as take part in the drama "The Rhythm of Chaos".

Awards and nominations

Aghdashloo for her role in " House of Sand and Fog " won awards in 2003 as Best Supporting Actress from the New York Film Critics Group (NYFCC), the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA),Online Film Critics Society (OFCS), and also won the award "Independent Spirit Award".

for participation in the " 24 series actress was awarded the prize " Arpa Career Achievement Award " in 2007 and was nominated in 2004 Oscar for her role in " House of Sand and Fog "and in 2005 the prize of ` SAT ` hours "

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