Shlomo Goren

Picture of Shlomo Goren

Date of Birth: 03/02/1917

Age: 77

Citizenship: Israel


Born in the village of Zambrow lomza governorate. In 1925 together with his father immigrated to Palestine. His father was the founder of Kfar Hasidim, where the young Shlomo spent his childhood. He studied at yeshivas Etz Haim and Hebron in Jerusalem. In 1936 he joined the Haganah and for the first time took part in the fighting. In 1948-1949 he took part in the battle for Jerusalem. In 1948, became the founder of the military rabbinate, which he headed until 1968. As part of his position has introduced various regulations, including Hasidic ritual (nusah Sefarad) as a single nusah prayers in the army, the duty of kashrut observance in the army. In 1967 he was among the first liberators of Jerusalem and shortly after arriving to the Western Wall there blew the shofar. Photo by Rabbi Goren Blowing a Shofar quickly became one of the symbols of the Six Day War. Soon Rabbi Goren also climbed to the Temple Mount from the Torah scroll and a Shofar. Rabbi Goren was trying to make the Temple Mount to the main shrine of Israel, but soon was issued authoritative rabbis forbidding her ascent. In 1968 he was elected chief Ashkenazi rabbi of Tel Aviv, when Rabbi Ovadia Sephardic. In 1973 he was elected chief rabbi of Israel, together with his colleague from Tel Aviv Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. The most notorious case relating to the activities Goren as the chief rabbi is his permission for the marriage illegitimate brother and sister, recognized Goren kosher Jews in spite of the opinions of the majority of rabbis, including Shah Eliezer and Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. [1] The decision of Rabbi Goren led a boycott against him haredimnogo part of the world and increased the gap with the haredi chief rabbinate, but knitted bale continued to see him as a rabbinical authority. The old town was founded by Rabbi Goren yeshiva Haidra Rab.