Shirley Bonanni

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Place of birth: Roxborough

Citizenship: United States

Amazing birth

Shirley Bonanni (Shirley Bonanni) - American from Roxboro, near Philadelphia (Roxborough, Philadelphia). In January 2014 Shirley was in the last stage of pregnancy, and one night she suddenly felt that began something unusual. Shirley, of course, realized that it went into labor and was able to calculate that the interval between them accounted for about 10 minutes. Her husband Fabian (Fabian Bonanni) was ready for the upcoming birth, however, the problem turned out to Shirley to bring the snow to the car on a slippery road. The contractions became more frequent all the time, and then just sat Fabian Shirley at Children`s plastic sled through the snow and drove to the place where the car was parked.

It happened then, because of what the name Shirley Bonanni got many news - birth she started right in the children`s sledding. Alas, to stop the natural process was not possible, but because the baby was born literally on the side of the road, in the middle of the snow.

When he saw that his wife was giving birth, Fabian immediately dialed 911. Duty Inspector Joe Mitchell Service (Joe Mitchell) later told that this situation is a bit confused and even frightened him, but he still managed to quickly pack up and began to give Fabian necessary instructions.

Independently taking his wife`s newborn daughter, Fabian baby wrapped in a blanket and carried into the house by the time the aid has already arrived, the couple Bonanni neighbors. It neighbors brought blankets and gave Shirley freeze until Fabian looked after a newborn. Needless to say that all the participants of the event were very excited and worried at all a natural process. But later, and joy and relief were common.

Little Bella Sofia Bonanni (Bella Sophia Bonanni) was is healthy girl weighing 3.4 kg - weighed her in the hospital, which soon brought all arrived `skoraya`.

This winter night, of course, be remembered Shirley and Fabian for life - their baby daughter was born under very strange circumstances. Both laugh - it will be something to tell Bella when she ask your parents how it came into being.

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