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Mentor, retired

When Sherwood Anderson was 45 years old,he survived his major writer`s triumph. When he turned 50, then any literary critic or writer competitor already considered himself entitled to wipe the soles of the reputation Anderson.

Same age as Jack London and belated contemporary American fashion for literary naturalism, Anderson was a typical self-taught writer without roots ,but with the greedy desire to write like no one had before in America did not write. In this way he has got all placed traps. The book of short stories " Wye

Sherwood Anderson was talented and original, but belonged to the type of people whom the Americans call "neither top nor bottom", ie in Russian " no bottom or tires "but without the taste of the curse - but rather a type of artistic nature, artistic warehouse. Anderson was indeed scheg

Younger contemporaries Anderson received a bad mentor - ridiculed and rejected. It was not ingratitude, rather - childish cruelty of young strong guys to converging with a middle-aged scene patron ,naive desire to shake off the g

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