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BiographyAccording to the magazine "Forbes" in March 2007, his state is 26 billion US dollars and it is the sixth largest wealth of the planet`s inhabitants. He is considered the richest Jew in the world and the third largest state of the US citizen.

Adelson is Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the corporation Las Vegas Sands,located in Las Vegas. After the initial public offering of Las Vegas Sands in 2004 (NYSE: LVS) Corporation activities were significantly expanded. In 2004, Adelson invested $ 265 million in the construction of the casino Sands Macao, and concluded with the administration of Macao agreement under which it will invest $ 12 billion in the construction of casinos, hotels ,exhibition centers and shopping areas.

His first money earned son of a Boston taxi driver 62 years ago, selling newspapers. He received higher education, but during his long life has worked as a mortgage broker, entrepreneur, investment expert and financial consultant and create about 50 different companies. Adelson was born into a poor Jewish family in Dorchester (Boston vicinity). His mother`s family was from Ukraine. His father came from Lithuania.

His first money earned in the 12 years selling newspapers on the streets. Later he worked as a mortgage broker, entrepreneur, investment expert and financial consultant and has created about 50 different companies. In the 70 - ies. He first started organizing exhibitions and conferences in Las Vegas. The most famous project Adelson in the exhibition business was the creation of an annual trade show Comdex computer industry. In 1995, Comdex was bought by a Japanese company Softbank Corp for $ 860 million.. . In 1988, Adelson and his partners bought the legendary Casino The Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, which liked to visit Frank Sinatra and popular in the US group The Rat Pack (The Rat Pack). The following year, Adelson and his partners built a new exhibition center The Sands Expo Convention Center, which has strengthened the position of Las VegasVegas in the US exhibition industry.


In 2007 Adelson founded the group Freedom`s Watch is in favor Bush`s policy in Iraq (the members of the group are Ari Fleischer (Ari Fleischer, Bush`s former press secretary) Matt Brooks (Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition) and Mel assembler (former ambassador in Rome and leader of the Republican Jewish Coalition) .

In 2006, he made a contribution of $ 25,000,000 in the Zionist organization Birthright Israel, a trip funder of the Jewish youth in Israel.

In 2007, Adelson pledged to contribute another $ 25,000 ,000 which will take part in the Birthright Israel program still about 20,000 participants.

In 2007 the Center of meditsiniskih Studies at Tel Aviv University

Open 12 January 2007 Charitable Foundation Sheldon Adelson plans to spend up to $ 200 million for the needs of Israel and the Jews. Charitable programs: medical directs his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson.

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