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For example, in moving from childhood Shelby learned to see life around him - he became interested in photography since his youth ,and later he went to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art (Cleveland Institute of Art), which he graduated in 1974.

Shelby Lee Adams (Shelby Lee Adams) was born in a small town in the west of Hazard Kentucky (Hazard, Kentucky). We can say ,that his childhood took place in the backseat of his father`s car - so often the family had to move from place to place. For example, in moving from childhood I learned to Shelby

As a student, he was influenced by artists such as Walker Evans (Walker Evans), Dorothea Lange (Dorothea Lange) and Russell

Lee (Russell Lee) seriously interested in social photography. Later, his uncle, who worked as a provincial doctor, Shelby began to take with you on the challenges, showing the young Adams, as in the mid-1970s, people in poor provinces like and remained live at the beginning of the century. Poverty, hopelessness and even

So, buying a large format camera ,Adams went to his tour in the mountainous region of Appalachia (Appalachian mountains). By the way, in 1975, he earned a master`s degree at the University of Iowa (University of Iowa).

The main SCENE

Over time, Shelby Lee Adams received a one glory

2002 released a documentary film `The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams` Appalachia`,who entered the program in the Toronto Film Festival (Toronto International Film Festival), and was also screened at the festival Sundance Festival in 2003.

Shelby Lee Adams is working today, continuing nuc

` I read somewhere that art imitates life. .. or is life imitating art ? I want my photos to mo

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