Shefqet Verlaci

Picture of Shefqet Verlaci

Date of Birth: 12/15/1877

Age: 68

Birthplace: Elbasan

Citizenship: Albania


Distributed different spelling of his name and surname in Latin letters: name - V & # 235; rlaci, Verla & # 231; i, Verlaxhi, Velaxhi; name - for example, Shevket, as his grave.

In 1922 - the largest landowner of Albania, the leader of the conservative Progressive Party, to oppose any attempts to land reform.

At the end of 1922 known Albanian politician Ahmet Zogu was betrothed to the daughter Verladzhi, and thanks to the support of the latter became prime minister of Albania.

In early 1924 Zog conceded the post of prime minister to Verladzhi due to a financial scandal and revelations Zogu`s participation in the assassination attempt. Verladzhi took office on March 5, 1924 and held it until June 1924, after which he fled to Italy. When the dictatorship of Fan Noli was sentenced in absentia to death with confiscation of all property.

When Zogu became king in 1928, he broke off the engagement with her daughter Verladzhi, and the latter became his implacable enemy.

On April 12, 1939 he led by the Albanian government, formed by the Italian occupiers, and for 4 days also served as head of state (from April 16, the Italian King Victor Emmanuel III became king and Albania). Relying on the support of the Italian demanded inclusion in the Albanian inhabited by Albanians of Yugoslavia land (Kosovo) and Greece. He resigned in December 1941.

He died in Zurich in 1946, he is buried in the Protestant cemetery in Rome.