Shamil Buraev

Picture of Shamil Buraev

Date of Birth: 01/28/1958

Age: 58

Place of birth: Achkhoy-Martan

Citizenship: Russia


Shamil Dusievich Buraev born January 28, 1958 in the village of Achkhoy-Martan, the Chechen-Ingush ASSR.

In 1974 he entered the Buraev Gorsky Agricultural Institute in the city of Ordzhonikidze (now Vladikavkaz), from which he graduated in 1981, received a specialty animal husbandry.

After graduation Buraev more than 10 years working in the specialty in the agricultural production of the Achkhoy-Martan district, and began to do business in Moscow in the early 1990s.

In 1995-1997 Buraev served as chief of staff of the Achkhoy-Martan district, but after the first Chechen war and came to power in separatist Chechnya, he left the republic. According to an employee of the human rights center "Memorial" in Ingushetia Osama Baysayev Buran "I was on the side of people who opposed the separation of Chechnya from Russia."

After the second Chechen war in 1999, he returned to Chechnya and again served as the head of administration of the Achkhoy-Martan district (but his family since 2000, when the first attempt was made to move the Buraeva from his post, lived in Moscow). In June 2003, Buraev decree of the head of the republic Akhmad Kadyrov was dismissed (according to HRC "Memorial" in Ingushetia, Burano has signed a letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request not to appoint Kadyrov as head of the Chechen administration, as well as repeatedly stated, that betting on Kadyrov senior, Russia is making a mistake). In July 2003, Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist published in "Novaya gazeta" article "armed seizure, develops oath. Once again on Buraeva, which took Kadyrov," which told of how in Chechnya "on the eve of the election marathon lord" Acting . "(Kadyrov - Ed.) took up cleaning the governing ranks of the republic." However, the opposition was soon completed, according to Politkovskaya, Buran "long suffered anti-Kadyrov`s feelings ..." and, "certainly has a chance to return to the pyramid of power."

Soon after the resignation Buraev announced his intention to run for President of the Chechen Republic. It was reported that during the campaign, he showed himself as an active political opponent of Kadyrov. In September 2003, Buraev filed a lawsuit demanding to cancel Kadyrov registration as a presidential candidate. Kadyrov has been accused of violating the law on elections, namely in showing the DOT his meeting with the President of Russia, the use of administrative resources. Then Buraev Kadyrov announced the creation of armed groups outside in any official power structure. However, the claim was rejected Buraeva Supreme Court of Chechnya.

In the election of Kadyrov won a landslide victory, gaining more than 80 percent of the vote in Chechnya voters, Burano, as well as other opponents of Kadyrov, expressed no desire to challenge the results of the vote and moved to Moscow. In the capital, he was engaged in business and studied at the correspondence department of the Russian Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation on a specialty "management of the region." "Kommersant" wrote that in this period Buraev been in Chechnya, where he had a small construction business.

September 12, 2007 Buraev was detained in Moscow on suspicion of organizing the murder of Politkovskaya. At the same time law enforcement officers conducted a search at his home, confiscating all mobile phones and computers. Two days later, the Basmanny Court issued an arrest warrant Buraeva. However, a number of publications then expressed the view that to organize the murder of the journalist in connection with her professional activities Buraeva was no need.

September 23 it became known that Buraeva formally charged under Article 33 and Article 105 of the Criminal Code (participation in murder in the form of complicity). According to investigators, he asked his friend, the former FSB lieutenant-colonel Pavel Ryaguzov address Politkovskaya and gave his brothers Makhmudov and Dmitry Grachev and "and other unidentified persons" (Mohammed Demilkhanov), who were spying on journalist (later reported arrest in the case of ten people:. Alexei Berkin, Dmitry Lebedev, Tamerlan Makhmudov, Jabrail Makhmudov, Ibragim Makhmudov, Oleg Alimov, Magomed Dimelhanova, Akhmed Isayev, Sergey Khadzhikurbanov and Dmitry Grachev himself Buraev involvement in the murder of Politkovskaya denied.

In June 2008, the head of the investigative group, engaged in opening a criminal investigation into Politkovskaya`s killing, it was decided to change the preventive measure Buraeva from detention on his own recognizance. This decision is explained by the fact that all the investigations concluded with him, and he "can not obstruct the proceedings". It was also taken into account the fact that he had previously been brought to criminal responsibility and from the preliminary investigation was not hiding. In addition, it was noted that Buraeva dependents are his minor children and the father, who is 106 years old. In the same month, the investigative committee of the Prosecutor of Russia stopped the criminal case against Buraeva in the absence of criminal acts aimed at aiding in the murder.

Buraev awarded the Order of Courage (2000) for heroism during the first Chechen campaign.

Buraev is married and has four children.