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In 1971, John McLaughlin (p. January 4, 1942) continued to experience a craving for Indian culture, and therefore set about trying to find someone who `d taught him the "right music ". The search resulted in McLaughlin Connecticut University ,

where he taught the art of South Indian music Dr. Ramanathan. John joined up to him and began to study a tool called "wine."In the university camp McLoughlin met with the students in the same Lakshminarayanoy violinist Shankar. Since 1972, John and Lakshminarayana began playing music together.A little later they were conceived to bring this occupation percussionist Zakir Hussain, and thus appeared the prototype of "Shakti".

At the end of 1973McLaughlin scored a class with guilt because, in his opinion, such a tool and his favorite guitar were not compatible. Instead, he began to master the sitar under the guidance of Ravi Shankar. ShaktiV process of studying the sitar John decided that for "Shakti" he needed a guitar with special stamp and the strings and turned to the well-known manufacturer of tools Mark Vaytbuku. He picked McLaughlin one similar instance, but the exact order did not take because of his illness. Only after talking with Abraham Vechterom of "Gibson guitars" musician managed to get a real "shakti - guitar". In 1974, a team consisting of John, Lakshminarayana,Zakir and Ramnad Rajawali (percussion) began to give concerts under the guise of "Shakti".

The band`s first album, released in December of 1975It is a recording of a live performance of the ensemble in one of New York`s colleges. Unfortunately, Rajawali due to certain circumstances, was unable to become a full member of the team,and at the concert was attended by another percussionist.

McLaughlin ShaktiPosle release plate for the first time went to India, and accompanied him Shankar. There is in addition a direct acquaintance with the culture of this eastern country, John attended Radzhavanu search for a replacement. And such a man was found in personsSri Harihara Tetakudi "Wicca" Vinayakrama, who agreed to join the ranks of "the Shakti" and fly to New York. The following two years, updated the group toured extensively, promoting to the masses of EasternEuropean cocktail, which later received the title of "World music".This "Shakti" often acted in company with the team close to them in spirit, "Weather report".

The ensemble has also released two more albums, but by 1978 the team had problems. Wicca is increasingly asked to be in his native MadrasShankar and unlike jazz orientation McLaughlin pushed for more relief, pop music variant.The case ended up in the spring of 1978, the project was closed. Only the fall of 1997, John and Zakir started playing together under the label "Remember Shakti", but this is a somewhat different story.

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