Shaily And Shilpa Bhai

Picture of Shaily And Shilpa Bhai

Date of birth: 19.11.2012

Age: 3

Place of birth: Aber

Citizenship: India

Shiloh and Shilpa Bhai. Separation of Siamese twins

Shiloh and Shilpa Bhai (Shaily and Shilpa Bhai). Indian conjoined twins successfully separated as a result of a complex operation.

It took four months to plan the operation to separate Shiloh and Shilpa. Siamese twins were combined in the lower chest and upper abdomen whole. Girls are fortunate that they turned out to be a common liver and not the heart. The liver is divided into two parts, which will automatically turn into a normally functioning organs in the future.

The parents of twin daughters, could not hold back tears of joy when Shiloh and Shilpa were separated from each other after a grueling eight-hour operation in which 30 doctors were involved.

Conjoined twins Shiloh and Shilpa were born with fused zhivotomi feeding. However, doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS) could remedy this difficult situation May 23, 2013-th. After surgery, the twins were separated under the close supervision of physicians about two months. They acknowledged the health of girls and said that Shiloh and Shilpa did not threaten any complications in the future. The girls finally able to move freely and play in the hands of his mother, a housewife Shashikaly (Shashikala).

Indian conjoined twins were born November 19, 2012 th, in the village of Aber, Satna district (Aber, Satna). Their parents had no idea where to look for this help for their daughters unusual. Shashikala and Lal appealed to all blizlezhaschiebolnitsy whose staff just shrugged. Finally, the doctor sent the twins to AIIMS for a complex examination, which could determine whether or not possible division of Shiloh and Shilpa.

Dr. Bajpai Mini (Mini Bajpai), a professor of pediatric surgery from AIIMS, said: `The twins came to us on December 12 last year. They were combined in the lower chest and upper abdomen whole. It took us four months to plan the operation, and it was finally made on May 23 this year. Their liver, the largest solid organ in the human body, was divided popolam`.

In general, the Siamese twins - this is a very rare phenomenon, one case at 50-200 thousand newborns.. And according to statistics the doctors who worked with Shiloh and Shilpa Indian twins have become an isolated case with incomplete separation of 300 thous. Ordinary children. In the case of Shiloh and Shilpa, the chances of survival were only one percent.

Dr. Bajpai says: `The hardest part in such operations to determine which part of the body fused. The twins can be overall liver or heart or any other organ of the body. With a common heart to do something difficult. In this case, however, the girls are lucky that they have proved to be a common liver. We divided it into two parts, which in the future will automatically turn into normal functioning organy`.

Shiloh Shilpa and ready to be discharged. Doctors believe that the girls will not get any future complications about undergoing surgery.