Shahram Amiri

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Date of Birth: 08/11/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Kermanshah

Citizenship: Iran

The abduction or escape?

Shahram Amiri (Shahram Amiri) - Iranian scientist, nuclear physicist, disappeared during a pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca, Saudi Arabia) in May-June 2009.

The press reported that Amiri was an expert on used medical radioactive isotopes; he worked in the University of Technology Malek Ashtar (Malek-Ashtar University of Technology) in Tehran (Tehran). Some sources also claim that Shahram was closely associated with the military developments, and with the Iranian Organization for Atomic Energy (Iran`s Atomic Energy Organisation); officials in this regard no data.

In October 2009, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki (Manouchehr Mottaki) has suggested that the disappearance of Amiri States may be involved; October 7, 2009, he stated that he has evidence of US involvement.

Some analysts have linked the disappearance of Shahram with detection by Cuomo (Qom) a second uranium enrichment plant; Amiri vanished three months before it is detected. It is believed that it is due to the data obtained from Amiri and this factory was found. According to the `New York Times`, Washington sources have confirmed that Amiri for several years was an American spy - in particular, he was involved in the drafting of national intelligence report in 2007. That`s when the scientist fled to Saudi Arabia, where he was taken by representatives of the CIA. Then, however, Shahram - to everyone`s surprise - wanted to return home.

In the official complaint made to the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon (Ban Ki-moon) containing information about the disappearance of Amiri and three other Iranians; It reported that they could convey information about the west of nuclear projects in Iran. Among the missing was Ali Reza Asghari (Ali Reza Asgari) - former Deputy Minister of Defence and the General Revolutionary Guards (Revolutionary Guards). `Sunday Telegraph` claimed that Amiri, Asghari and were part of the project of the CIA on Iran`s deprivation of its most talented representatives. This project - `leak mozgov` (` Brain Drain`) - was launched, it is expected to in 2005 year; Of course, no official information about it, and there is no precise evidence of its existence is not.

In March 2010, the news agencies reported (with reference to an anonymous source) that Shahram really is in the US.

7 June 2010, the news broke and from the Shahram; on the Iranian channel IRIB showed a video in which someone - very similar to the Amiri - talked about the circumstances of his disappearance. According to the roller, kidnapped nuclear scientist was from Medina (Medina), representatives of the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia and the United States. The physicist had been tortured; he was forced to formally request asylum and to share some of the secrets of its nuclear program. It should be noted that the spot was very poor quality.

Later the same day, however, on YouTube there is another movie; it is still the same alleged `Amiri` told me that he went to the United States, on their own. This entry looked safer than the first; Here, however, there is another mystery - his revelations Shahram explicitly recite a teleprompter.

July 13, 2010, the Amiri arrived in Pakistan Embassy in Washington and asked him to return to his homeland. US officials in interviews with the press reported that, most likely, this decision was due to threats of violence Shahram by the Iranian government.

The most important issue at the moment, of course, is `Amiri was kidnapped or whether escaped?`. Officially, the Iranian government adheres to the first version; present their motives, of course, remain a mystery.

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