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In the early 1980s, Mike Baker,Carl Cadden-James, Ron Evans, and John Coonie played quite distinguished group of Lehigh Valley "SORCERER".

Doing Kovera such groups, for kaie no one thought to take, they have proved their worth as musicians, they made a number of songs Yngwie Malmsteen,Some of the most difficult compositions Rush and treated with a collection of classic rock songs.

In 1985, guitarist Chris Ingles perekvalivitsirovalsya in the keyboard, and then a novice Brendt Allman, guitarist took place.

At this time, the band decided to leave the club scene and focus on guitar orientated metal music.Chris scored higher education, and studied theology and music.

Drummer John Cooney sent a demo tape Mike Varney, who is very interested in them previously. Because the material is clearly the group progressed, including the quality of the arrangements, Varney interest in them has also increased.

Brendt Allman and Carl Cadden-James continued to work on "The Queen of the City of Ice", this work demonstrated the movement of more progressive direction. This was something that had to Varney, and what he was looking for his new label manager Pete Morticelli. Label called MAGNA CARTA, and its aim was to bring a fresh breath of progressive rock of the audience ,which was focused on typical commercial music a record large companies.

Then Ron Evans realized that it more like straight rock that was performed earlier, and went off to do something that is more in line with his views.

The group changed its name to Shadow Gallery and arranged a demo with 8 lanes materialrecorded in the basement of the house at Cadden-James. Once Carl met Chris, and asked if he wants to play on the keyboard in the new project. And Chris did even better, adding some of his compositions to the repertoire, bringing in a group) are more progressive, polished sound that was a wonderful canvas for Mike Baker,broad strokes sketched it his vocals.

The demo was well received in the Magna Carta, they officially signed the band August 23, 1991. They were the second who has subscribed to the label. Prior to that, in 1991, the label released MAGELLAN album. Debut as our heroes, and called - Shadow Gallery, came the summer of 1992. Although the material was intended only for the demo, the label wanted to release as quickly as possible something in pursuit of Magellan and printed cd, which was released only in Europe and Japan.

The group has already started writing material for their next album, when the opportunity for a tour of Japan. At this time began the search for an additional musicianto man up a composition for live performances. They were not too long, and in March 1993, guitarist / keyboardist Gary Wehrkamp received an offer from a friend who was aware of the problems the group. Of Gary, who had just returned from a tour with BOXTOPS group, responded to the request, an appointment and met with a group of 3 April. His position soon changed - from a concert session musician, he became a permanent member of the group 3 weeks later. It was a wise decision when the team and the company decided it would be better to write another CD, and then support his tour.The following 8 1/2 months the band was preparing the material and in April 1994 started recording with drummer Kevin Soferra. Kevin, a session pro, was called to the rescue at the last minute when it became clear that all other possibilities have been exhausted.

That summer, the band suffered a rehearsal in Northampton and equipped a studio. Chris decided to take a break from the music business for a while, it gave the opportunity Wehrkamp, recording a large party keyboards for the album. They face several obstacles, when a string of problems began with the equipment is delayed recording.

In April 1995, CD was completed and July 11th released "Carved In Stone".Again, the group prepared for the tour, but that summer they were his new studio recording songs for tribyutnogo CD, such as "THE MOON REVISITED" (Pink Floyd), "TALES FROM YESTERDAY" (Yes), "SUPPER`S READY (Genesis) and in December, the group took a vacation since Brendt Allman went into the studio PRARIE SUN to California to record koethat with DREAM THEATER`s Mike Portnoy and MR. BIG`s Billy Sheenan. It was a tribute to Rush. After you leave, in early 1996 they were working on tracks for a tribute album titled "WORKING MAN".

Unfortunately, so the band is practically stuck in the studio. All the musicians began to work on material for the next CD.Rehearsals were replaced by the new recording sessions. In the summer of Gary, Brendt and Chris started rehearsing new material with drummer JOE NEVOLO in Asbury Park, N.J.

In November, they entered the studio SLOYER Sound and recorded the drums in less than 4 days. The team then modified his studio and spent time trying to debug a new recording equipment. The case went to the winter 1997, and they know that they have a lot of work ahead. Their obsession with work, and the desire to achieve the highest quality leads to long pauses between releases, but when they go out, the hard work and long waits are not in vain, they release a product to be proud of.

In June 1998 Tyranny was ready ,and the band sent him to the Magna Carta. The planned release date - 25 September 1998. The Group plans to tour in support of the disc soon after its release.

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