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American melodic metal band "Seven Witches" was created in late 1998 by guitarist Jack Frost after the collapse of the "Frost Bite". In addition to his lineup included vocalist Bobby Lucas, bassist Billy Meuse and drummer Brian Vincent.Musicians quickly built the first demo and thanks to it there and then received a contract from the "Massacre Records".

November and December 1998, the team held a "Woodhouse Studios", situated in the German city of Hagen. sessions The result was the debut album "Second War In Heaven", will be on sale next year.The disc contains a pair of covers: "Chains" from "Fleetwood Mac" and "Metal Daze" from "Manowar". The album turned out successful and some magazines such as "Dynamit" and "Rock Hard" put her ten points out of ten. True, while working on the disk group to identify some differences.

Seven witchesItogom was the departure of drummer, however,relatively besskandalnoe. New drummer "Seven Witches" have found in the person of John Osborne. By the end of 1999, "Seven Witches" were again in the studio, but now no longer in Hagen, and in Hamburg "Impuls Studios". The second albumLike its predecessor, also contained a couple of covers:"Pounding Metal" "Exciter" and "Hell Is For Children" Pat Benatara. After the release of "City Of Lost Souls" team had to alter a number of tests. Firstly, Lucas announced his intention to go to another gang, and had to find a replacement (new frontman Wade Black has become).

Secondly, Jack Frost himself in 2001, distracted by work "Savatage".Third, the next change of drummers has been made, and the drums sat Brian Craig (ex- "Destiny`s End"). When staffing problems were utryaseny and "Seven Witches" once again gathered in the studio, Frost died brother, and as a result of the session had to be postponed.Finally in late 2001th team managed to record a new album "Xiled To Infinity And One", released on the "Noise Records". By tradition, and this time not without cover songs - the third "witch" was predstvleny disk version of "See You In Hell" ("Grim Reaper"). 2002 brought "Seven Witches" New staff changes. In March,when the band planned a European tour in the company of "Annihilator", left Meuse related liabilities with another team, "Single Bullet Theory". Replacing him was quickly found in the person of the veteran "Armored Saint" and "Fates Warning" Joey Vera. Within a few months a series of "wizards" left Wade Black.First,in its place was intended for Charles Rytkonen of "Lefay", but in the end the team added another veteran - James River (ex- "Helstar", "Flotsam & Jetsam"). The debut of the singer took place at the "Classic Metal Fest II" in Ohio, and in the second half of 2002, "Seven Witches" in the new line-up recorded their fourth album,"Passage To The Other Side" (with " defleppardovskim " cover of "Wasted").

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