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Secret khinkali from Sergo Gugutsidze

Muscovites love to Caucasian kitchen has more than one hundred years, which is confirmed kebab rites at picnics and carefully preserved `pravilnye` homemade recipes and kharcho chakhokhbili, not to mention the display of Soviet catering as pasties and chicken-tobacco. Among the many cafes and restaurants in Moscow Georgian cuisine takes a special place `Chito-ra`.

This cafe-restaurant with austere interior and unpretentious atmosphere, at first glance, not very consistent with the concept of the restaurant chic. However, in the opinion of experts residing in Moscow Georgian tradition, the spirit of `Chito-ra` most consistent understanding of the present Georgian tavern.

Chef `Chito-ra` Sergo Gugutsidze one of the ten best chefs in Moscow. Of himself he says guardedly. Born in Tbilisi, who grew up in a family where everyone knew how to cook well, I chose their profession cooking. After graduating in 1981 Tbilisi Culinary College and served in the army, Sergo could not find jobs in their field, and even got a second degree associated with the processing of wood. However, love for gastronomy took her, and started to work as a cook Gugutsidze - first restaurant in Tbilisi `Pirosmani`, then - in the` Iverii`.

In 2004 Sergo Gugutsidze moved to Moscow. His brainchild became cheburechnaya `Chito-ra` created on the site of a former student cafeteria. Gugutsidze decided to recreate the atmosphere in the capital of the Georgian tavern - a democratic institution with special traditions. Khinkali in Georgia - is not so much food as ritual intercourse, which can last for hours. It is believed that the present khinkali should have 33 folds; they mold by hand and eat with their hands, drinking soup. Very often the tip do not eat, putting to one side, then to calculate the highest eaten - so a man accustomed to the dumplings and dumplings, khinkali may seem undercooked. This dish is not customary to praise - often talk about what they do not have enough, so Sergo Gugutsidze does not reveal the secrets of his cuisine.

Every morning he buys at the market most fresh meat, and his assistant Lea sculpts numerous and very tasty khinkali, taste who come from all over Moscow.

Visitors` Chito-ra` (tavern and the house `Kolhida` where Gugutsidze manages the kitchen) are unanimous in their assessment: very tasty, democratic and genuinely sincere.