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Date of Birth: 04/02/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Kostroma

Citizenship: Russia


Sergei Pugachev, who was born on 4 February 1963. Kostroma.

In 1984. He graduated from the University of knowledge methodology (Moscow). Then he graduated from Leningrad State University. Zhdanov. PhD in Economics, Thesis - "Methods and investment policy of the management model of the bank" (1994.), Doctor of Technical Sciences.

From 1985 to 1990. ICB worked in the USSR (held positions from loan officer to a board member of the regional government).

In 1990 1992 he. - Founder and board member of the Northern Commercial Bank (STB).

According to media reports, in the early 1990s. Sergey Pugachev met with the then chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the St. Petersburg mayor`s office, Vladimir Putin and the head of his staff, Igor Sechin (Magazine "Russian Who is Who", 2002.).

In 1992. Sergey Pugachev met with the owner of Bashkortostan Sergey Veremeyenko representing - along with his brother, Alexander - oil interests Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov.

Sergey Veremeyenko and head Bashkreditbank Azat Kurmanaev (nephew of the wife of Murtaza Rakhimov) vied for influence over the president Bashkir (Rakhimov supposedly once said: "Azat I may, and nephew, but my son Sergei" - the "Company", 2000.).

In the same year Sergei Veremeyenko accepted the offer of Sergei Pugachev take the post of manager IIB created Pugachev on the basis of the Moscow branch of STB.

According to the agency Ratebank, the official founders of LLC "International Industrial Bank" are of "M-Stroyinvest" (18.2%), OOO "Neftetransstroy" (16%), OOO "Zhildorstroy" (16%), OOO "Giproinvest" ( 13%), OOO "Kommungrazhdanstroy" (12%), OOO "Severzhilstroy" (10%), OOO "Zapsibneftegaz" (7.8%). "True owner" Industrial Bank said Sergei Pugachev and Sergey Veremeyenko ( "Moscow News", 2001.).

From 1992 to December 2001. Sergei Pugachev - Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "International Industrial Bank" (Mejprombank).

According to the media, in Mezhprombank kept their personal accounts, Naina Yeltsin, and the President`s daughter Tatyana Dyachenko and Yelena Okulov. In 1995. Mejprombank credit cards issued to family members of President Boris Yeltsin, who vouched for the company "Trading Merkata" Behgjet Pacolli ( "Company", 2000.).

Already in the mid-1990s. Mejprombank became an authorized bank of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation on the north delivery and advances the gold mining industry. According to rumors, this Pugachev was obliged to Pavel Borodin, who took the bank under their supervision and care. Thanks to him, Mejprombank became an authorized bank agency Borodin, as well as a number of other federal government agencies. For example, an authorized bank of the Russian government - on special projects, the Ministry of Finance - on public funding, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations - to control the export of strategically important raw materials, as well as the paying agent and the depositary of the Ministry of Finance. By the way, Borodin introduced Pugacheva in the "Kremlin`s get-together" and helped to become one of the bankers and advisers, Tatyana Dyachenko and Valentin Yumashev (magazine "Russian Who is Who", 2001.).

In December, 1995. Sergei Pugachev ran for the deputies of the State Duma on the federal list of the electoral union Party of Russian Unity and Accord (PRES) Sergei Shakhrai. Combining not overcome a 5% electoral threshold.

In October, 1998. Sergei Pugachev "was" presented "the finance minister and the head of the Bank of Russia at the session of the IMF and the World Bank as the head of one of the most successful and, in spite of everything, working banks" ( "Moscow News", 2001.). At the same session on behalf of the Russian government handed Pugachev World Bank President James Wolfensohn, a government letter outlining the program of improvement of the Russian banking system. ( "Moskovsky Komsomolets", 1998.).

In the fall of 1999. Sergei Pugachev, sponsored an unsuccessful campaign Pavel Borodin to the post of Mayor. ( "Russian Who is Who", 2001).

In November of 2000. Pugachev was elected a member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

In 2000-2001. He was involved in a dispute over NTV. So I wrote about this "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" (2001g.): "Sergei Pugachev played not the last role in the conflict around NTV. Largely thanks to him in the Kremlin and "Gazprom" has prevailed policy of "caution and balance" in the valuation of assets of the former empire of Vladimir Gusinsky. And it Pugacheva called one of the most likely new owners of the "fourth button." And finally, the proximity head IIB to Igor Sechin, who is credited with an important role in the revitalization of the General Prosecutor`s Office has allowed experts from the government to say that it is not without its ideological mastermind - Sergei Pugachev. "

In the spring of 2000. According to the media, Sergei Pugachev lobbied for the appointment of the Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov.

"With a name many people associate Pugachev and the appointment of Vladimir Ustinov, Prosecutor General. It is known that the chief of International Industrial Bank was in the Kremlin just before the President suddenly changed his mind and instead have a prepared presentation to Dmitry Kozak, sent to the Federation Council paper called Ustinov`s "(" Moskovsky Komsomolets ", 2001.).

In February, 2001. Sergei Pugachev, gained control of 56% of the shares of TV channel "Muscovy" (Moscow regional channel in the frequency TVC) through its subsidiary company ZAO Mezhprombank "Ostem". zamupravlyayuschego former Industrial Bank Vladimir Zhelonkin was appointed CEO of the company. Control over the broadcaster sought to establish and Administration of Moscow Region (Chapter - Boris Gromov). The confrontation lasted more than six months and was accompanied by a fierce information war, with lawsuits, forced take-overs. He was arrested on a controversial package of shares of "Muscovy" and a ban on the discharge of duties the Director-General in respect of Vladimir Zhelonkina. July 19, 2001. The Moscow Arbitration Court overturned the act of inventory and the arrest of shares TRVK "Muscovy", as well as the decision to limit the rights of the owner - JSC "Ostem" (RIA "Novosti", 2001.). August 9, 2001. The Moscow Arbitration Court overturned the ban Zhelonkin Acting Director General TV station (SMI.ru, 2001.).

November 26, 2001. in "Novaya Gazeta" published an article by Oleg Lourie, in which the information on the joint business vice president of Industrial Bank Eleanor Razdorskaya and owner of the company Benex Peter Berlin, the author drew the conclusion that the leadership of IIB, headed by Sergei Pugachev was directly implicated in the scam money money through the Bank of New York. "Peter Berlin - one of the defendants in the scandalous case of laundering Russian money through the Bank of New York (BONY), a company jointly set up by the Vice-President of International Industrial Bank, just dealt with most of these smuggled the money through accounts BONY. ( "Novaya Gazeta", 2001.).

After the publication of this material Mejprombank filed suit about protection of business reputation and recovery he caused the publication of material damage. According to the International Industrial Bank, one of his clients, LLC "Veststroyservis" concerned about the possible consequences of the charges Lurie for bank stability, on the day of publication of the article changed the conditions of their account in Mezhprombank that allegedly caused substantial losses to the bank - real damage in the amount of RUB 15 ppm . and lost profits in the amount of an additional 15 mln. rub. (Ie a total of about $ 1 million.). IIB The lawsuit led to the termination of cooperation "Novaya Gazeta" with Oleg Lurie.

In November and December 2001. Pugachev appeared in the press as a key figure in the presidential election in Yakutia, where Mejprombank allegedly was behind the campaign to prevent the election to the incumbent president Mikhail Nikolayev and promoted the presidency of Deputy Prosecutor General Vasily Kolmogorov. The campaign was accompanied by loud scandals - until his arrest a group of Moscow journalists working in Yakutsk in the electoral headquarters of Nikolayev, on charges of inciting ethnic hatred. It was assumed that "in case of victory Kolmogorov account Yakut Company" ALROSA "will Mezhprombank" ( "Novaya Gazeta", 2002.). There were also suggestions that, if elected Vasily Kolmogorov, Sergei Pugachev will be appointed as a representative of Yakutia in the Federation Council, and "ALROSA" headed by chairman Sergey Veremeyenko IIB.

December 12, 2001. Mikhail Nikolaev was forced to withdraw from the elections, but under pressure from the administration of the President of the Russian Federation withdrew his candidacy and Vasily Kolmogorov (the new president of Yakutia became president of "ALROSA" Shtyrov delegate Mikhail Nikolaev in the Federation Council).

In December, 2001. Sergei Pugachev and Sergey Veremeyenko reregistered Mejprombank of LLC (Limited Liability Company) ZAO (Closed Joint Stock Company). Earlier Pugachev was exposed in the press accusations that the status as the IIB LLC contradicts the Russian banking legislation.

December 26, 2001. Sergei Pugachev was approved by the representative of the government of Tuva in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation (the head of government Sherig-ool Oorzhak). The powers of a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation recognized as of December 26, 2001.

January 23, 2002. Sergei Pugachev, officially resigned as chairman of the Board of Directors of International Industrial Bank (to Lenta.ru, 2002.), And completely out of the share capital of the bank ( "Profile", 2002.). Lead Bank remained Sergei Veremeyenko.

In the spring of 2002.. "Mezhprombankovskaya team" Sergei Pugachev has actively participated in the struggle against oligarchic groups for control of the state (the Russian-Belarusian) company "Slavneft".

After removal from the post of president of "Slavneft" Mikhail Gutseriev contenders for his place became closely associated with Mezhprpombankom Vice-President of "Rosneft" Anatoly Baranovsky (formally - the candidate of the Belarusian side) and vice-president of "Slavneft" Yury Sukhanov (formally - the candidate of the Russian side ). In fact, he sought the appointment Baranovsky group "St. Petersburg Chekists", while Sukhanov has represented a "family" groups and, in particular, Roman Abramovich.

In the first stage of the struggle the administrative control of the "Slavneft" in the hands of henchmen IIB (Alexander Gnusarev Nina Oreshkin and OE) headed by Anatoly Baranovsky, received the post of Acting first vice-president of the company, but against Yuri Sukhanov prosecutor`s office opened a criminal case. However, on May 13, 2002. despite the criminal case shareholders approved Sukhanov president.

May 24, 2002. Anatoly Baranovsky attempted to return "Slavneft" under the control of IIB with the help of police, but the power capture the office turned out to be unsuccessful (there was a message on the pledged office explosive device, both sides left the building, after inspection of the building it has returned only a team of Yuri Sukhanov, as the police had been instructed not to intervene). ( "Newspaper", 2002.).

In May of 2002. the suit IIB to "Novaya Gazeta", initiated at the end of 2001. in connection with the publication of an article about the involvement of Sergei Pugachev to money laundering Russian mafia, the court found that information does not correspond to reality and defaming the business reputation of the bank. The court ordered the newspaper to pay Mezhprombank 15 million. Rubles. (About $ 500 kDa) for loss of profits.

In May of 2002. observer of "Novaya Gazeta" Yulia Latynina, and the newspaper appealed to the prosecutor`s office and police department of the city of Moscow with a request to "investigate fraudulent acts (st. 159 CC RF), committed leadership LLC" Mejprombank "and a number of companies affiliated with the bank against" Novaya Gazeta ".

According to Yulia Latynina, company LLC "Veststroyservis", OOO "Business-Master 2000" and JSC "Concern" UTEK "," iz-za contracts and letters which Mejprombank suffered losses, controlled either by the LLC "Mejprombank" or managers and founders IIB ". Among these Latynina managers and founders - Sergey Pugachev himself, his wife Galina Pugacheva and Sergei and Vladimir Veremeyenko Zhelonkin.

Then it was reported that the prosecutor`s office statement Yulia Latynina and "Novaya Gazeta" lost. ( "Novaya Gazeta", 2002.). The matter has not yet been reviewed.

June 20, 2002. "Vedomosti" newspaper wrote: "Vladimir Putin yesterday picked up the idea of ??a government amnesty exported capital and urged businessmen to return the money to the country. Curiously, the first representative of business, with whom Putin yesterday began to discuss in detail this idea, was a former president of the Industrial Bank, Sergei Pugachev, senator. " Vladimir Putin meets with Sergei Pugachev took place a day after the appearance in the French publication Le Monde that the government Nice verify some of the operations of Russian bankers for money laundering.

What has

Formally, Sergei Pugachev came from the shareholders of Industrial Bank after he was elected a member of the Federation Council. But numerous publications in the media do not question the fact that Sergei Pugachev has virtually complete control over Mezhprombank.


Thanks to close ties with Pavel Borodin, Sergei Pugachev Media absented the so-called "family." But with the coming to power of Vladimir Putin and the team "Moscow St. Petersburg" Sergei Pugachev did not lose their positions.


According to numerous publications, Sergei Pugachev was closely associated with managing the affairs of President Yeltsin - Pavel Borodin. "A large proportion of the capital Sergei Pugachev appeared through his relations with the former presidential assistant warden Pavel Borodin. Mejprombank credited manager of the President, and on a sufficiently favorable terms. Return of investments was reliably guaranteed status of "Kremlin" line of credit. While Borodin satisfy the curiosity of the Geneva prosecutor`s office, the Russian Finance Ministry almost a matter of priority is calculated for the debts of the Executive Secretary of the President ... "(" Nezavisimaya Gazeta ", 2001.).

In gratitude for the loans IIB President Administration on concessional terms (at 20% per annum in 1997.) Pavel Borodin, he helped with the translation service in Mejprombank accounts of large enterprises - in particular, the company "Diamonds of Russia-Sakha" ( "ALROSA"). ( "Moscow News", 2001.).

Now the bank`s affairs has been Chairman of the Board Sergey Veremeyenko. Thanks to him, Mejprombank became the first bank in Bashkortostan, where he works with the petrochemical and oil refining industry. He even pushed a favorite of President Murtaza Rakhimov - Bashkreditbank ( "Russian Who is Who", 2001.).

In 1992. with the participation of Veremeyenko was established International Industrial Bank. Currently Sergey Veremeyenko is chairman of the International Industrial Bank, academician of the International Academy of Engineering, Director of the International Institute of investment projects, the executive director of the International Petroleum Industry Corporation, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of the largest banks in the Asia-Pacific region, a member of the Council on security in the Asia-Pacific region, a member of a specialized council for awarding degrees, specialty ACS and CAD, chairman of the Board of Directors research and production Enterprise "Sapphire" - the largest enterprise of power electronics.

Sergey Bogdanchikov, President of "Rosneft". With this company in Pugacheva joint JSC "Russian Coal", which is trying to consolidate the coal mining assets in various regions of the country.

Alexei Miller, predpravleniya JSC "Gazprom". "Gazprom" accounts obluzhivayutsya Mezhprombank. In addition, according to rumors, this Pugachev was behind the idea of ??a merger of "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" in a single company transferred to it licenses to a number of fields in Siberia - as has already been distributed (Kovykta) and from the unallocated subsoil fund (Talakan, Chayandinskoye field ).

Boris Kuzyk, CEO of the holding "New Programs and Concepts" (NPK). Mejprombank Kuzyk and jointly owned by CPP and CPP, in turn, owns controlling stakes in JSC "Severnaya Verf" and OJSC "North-Western Shipping Company"


Sergei Pugachev was attributed a decisive role in the intrigue against the Minister of Railways Aksenenko. "He is rumored to have initiated an investigation against Aksenenko wanting to establish control over financial flows of MPS" ( "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 2001.), Which was completed in early 2002. Aksenenko resignation.

In 1999. Mezhprombank had a conflict with one of the companies close to Vladimir Potanin, -. "Renaissance Investments Limited", which owes the bank $ 1 million, resulting in the arrest of his accounts has been imposed by the Moscow Arbitration Court.

November 28, 2001. TV channel "Muscovy" announced the upcoming retirement in the next few days of the presidential administration head Alexander Voloshin. The information that proved to be false, the press contacted with the intrigues of Sergei Pugachev against Alexander Voloshin. A number of publications at the end of 2001. (In particular, in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"), Sergei Pugachev was declared "unofficial leader and inspirer of" oligarchs in epaulets "who are fighting against Voloshin."

Among the opponents Pugacheva - representatives of the so-called "family" business, in particular - Oleg Deripaska, Roman Abramovich, Sergey Melnichenko and Andrei Popov. And Alexander Nesis, chairman and co-owner of "ICT".

The main business is the enemy IIB MDM Group, which Mejprombank struggles, in particular, for control of the coal industry ( "Russian Coal" - SUEK) and for control of the "Severnaya Verf". For the "Severnaya Verf" and shipbuilding Petersburg Mejprombank competes well with the group "ICT".

interest Where are aimed

Control of coal companies

"Russian coal" gained control of a number of coal enterprises, in particular - "Gukovugol" and "Dalvostugol", and will fight for other mining assets.

JSC "Russian coal" with registered capital of 5 ppm rubles. It was established in February 2002. "Daughter" of "Rosneft" - "Rosneftetrans" and one of the structures IIB. Each participant received 50% of the share capital of the company and 4 seats on the board of directors. The new company began to actively explore the coal market and announced plans to increase production to 10-12 mln. Tons of coal per year. Now companies are under the control of the company "Rostovugol" and Obukhovskaya mine in the Rostov region, sections Zadubrovsky, Evtinsky, Sudzhensk and Kisielewski in the Kemerovo region, as well as about 27% of the shares "Gukovugol" ( "Vedomosti", 2002.).

Banking business

- Creation of the banking network.

Until 2003. Mezhprombank had only two branches: in Sochi and Ufa. In January, 2003. it became known that Mejprombank will participate in the redemption of the additional issue of National Bank of the Republic of Tuva, a controlling stake of which is owned by the local authorities, and will own 51% of its shares, for which the "intergovern-" is going to pay 31 rubles ppm. Small Tuvan bank will IIB financial center in the region. (Gazette, 2003.).

- Maintenance of large customers.

In September, 2002. Chairman of the Board of OJSC "Gazprom" Alexey Miller and President of Industrial Bank Sergey Veremeyenko agreed to prepare an agreement between "Gazprom" and the bank on 2002 2005 he. As the press service of "Gazprom", the bank has expressed interest in financing these activities of "Gazprom": the formation of gas reserves in the autumn-winter period, the system of payments of buyers of gas CIS with "Gazprom", the organization of the supply of equipment and vehicles using leasing program of restructuring of accounts payable, as well as the organization of exchange of fuel and energy resources.

Defense industry

In the fall of 2002. the press reported the acquisition of structures IIB holding "New programs and concepts." Holding was established in 1998. on the basis of "Severnaya Verf" (one of Russia`s largest shipyards), North-Western Shipping Company and certain assets in the defense industry (Kovrov Mechanical Plant, OKB "Dry" and OE).

Transport (shipping companies)

In 2003. IIB representatives entered the Board of Directors of North-Western Shipping Company. At the same time they are officially confirmed the information that the bank became the owner of FFP.

Oil and gas

In 2002. structure IIB acquired oil company OOO "White Nights" in the Croatian state oil company INA.

The company "White Nights" was created in 1998. "Varieganneftegaz" (50%), the US Phibro Energy Production Inc. (45%) and Anglo Swiss Inc. (5%). In 1999. INA bought 100% stake in the company for $ 19.64 ppm "White Nights" are licensed to West Varioganskoye Tagrinskoye and deposits in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District with total proven reserves, estimated Baker Atlas SSL, at 11.86 ppm tonnes. Estimated reserves amount to approximately 60 ppm tonnes ( "Vedomosti", 2002.).


The dominant feature of Pugachev eyewitnesses say the ability of this unsociable by nature banker transformed, if necessary, and to become literally the soul of a company or a business meeting ( "Russian Who is Who", 2001.).

The most original feature of this man is his relationship with the Orthodox Church. At the end of the 1980s. Pugachev moved in the circles of the religious hierarchy of Saint-Petersburg, the head of which was then Alexiy II, the future Patriarch. Becoming a banker, Pugachev one of the first to deal with the Church. In particular, he became very close with one of the ideologists of the Patriarchate, Father Tikhon, assistant Alexy II. Businessman says Father Tikhon is his confessor and confessor of Vladimir Putin. (Le Monde, 2002.).

According to various sources, Sergei Pugachev, lives mostly in America or France, in Moscow is on short visits. It has a villa in Nice ( "Novaya Gazeta", 2002.).

Sergei Pugachev - author of "Commercial banking in the conditions of formation of market relations: Economic and Financial Analysis" (Wiley, 1998.).

Married, two children.

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