Sergey Korolev

Picture of Sergey Korolev

Date of Birth: 01/12/1907

Age: 59

Place of birth: Zhytomyr

Citizenship: Russia

Women and Sergei Korolev rocket

Love and space

Even the first kiss with the girl of his dreams he had had a roof. He lived in Odessa. Xenia Vincentini or at Lyali as everyone called her, was always a lot of fans. Sergei Korolev - only one of them. But he tried to do everything to make it only the woman: and upside down, walked around it, and a barge in the sea sailed, and even at the edge of the roof of a two-storey Odessa morgue did for her handstand. Apparently, all this has made the necessary impression on Ljalju. And then, right on the roof, she finally allowed him to kiss her for the first time.

When he left to study in the aviation department of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Sergei made her an offer. She said that although she loved him, getting married is not going to until not learn to make their own.

It so happened that he was in Kiev, then in the Moscow Higher Technical School in Moscow, and it is in Kharkov, at the doctor. After graduation Xenia distribute work in Donbass. When we go there, Korolev, once again trying to get Lyalinov consent to the marriage. She again refused, citing a new reason: what is the point to marry, if still have two or three years to live apart until the exhaust distribution. Korolev decides to get the authorities to Xenia released prematurely. Finally, in August 1931 she became his wife, and soon he still takes her to Moscow ...

But here`s a puzzle: once Korolev achieves that dreamed about all these 7 years, he quickly loses interest in his wife and begins to get involved in other women. They told the following story: "One day Lala cleaned jacket Sergei. And suddenly ... fell out of his pocket a pair of tickets to the Bolshoi Theater. Queens of them said anything. So, decided to Lala, he goes with a lady. And Lyali was a fan of high-ranking military. And to persuade him to take her to the Grand no difficulty. Faced both pairs during the intermission. With Sergei was a beautiful brunette. Seeing his wife, Korolev pulled from its beauty, like a cat on the table, and immediately began to justify, say, "Accidentally offered tickets ... Uncomfortable bylootkazat ... Where we meet after the show?" - "Why should we meet? - Xenia said. - I spend. " And I look at its military. Then the king could not resist: "No. We`ll go together, "Where did he cases the lady - is unknown. But his wife took himself out of the theater ... "

Such adventures Xenia husband brought up the fact that all their feelings spring of 1948, she poured in a letter to the Queen Mother, "you know the whole story of our love is good. A lot of grief before the 38th year (the year of the Queen`s arrest -. Ed.) I had to go through, and in spite of the remaining sense of attachment and some love to the north, I was determined ... leave it to continue their lives under his favorite the slogan "Give each to live as he wants ..."

Sergei Korolev and Xenia Vincentini met and "number" married a quarter of a century, and lived together some 8 years, and then only sporadically. Their daughter, Natasha, who was under the influence of his mother, learned about "change the Pope" in 12 years. On small pieces tore it all his pictures, which were caught by the arm, and said that to see it no longer wants. The crack between the daughter and the father remained for life. There were rarely, but most were like strangers. There was the Queen and her wedding. In turn, according to the famous chronicler of the space age Yaroslav Golovanov, when the king called her from Baikonur to wish a happy birthday, she hangs up. And he sat and cried ...


His second wife, probably, could subscribe to a number of overcrowded pain words first.

To get an idea, he strikes up a relationship with the weaker sex and how to behave on, use the memories of his second wife, Nina. She said Yaroslav Golovanov about it with all the details. Thus: "In the spring of 1947, NII-88, I was the only" Englishwoman ", the rest of the translator -" the Germans. " Once the boss says: "The Queen has accumulated a lot of English magazines. Go, it will show that the transfer ... "

I come. The secretary said, "He`s busy." I hear - said by telephone. The conversation ended, and the door opened a little cabinet: "Do you want me? Please ... sit down ... "He introduced himself:." Korolev Sergei Pavlovich "

- Nina - I say. - Unemployed interpreter.

- That`s what I understood - Korolev smiled and pulled out a stack of English and American magazines. - Here this article translate, please.

I knew that I did a bad translation, because it did not know the meaning of a purely technical terms ... "Yes, really bad," - said the King. They gave me an engineer, with whom I could properly translate the article. Again, I go to the Queen. And here he was calling me more and more. Once put in front of it translated, it reads, and he ... takes my hand. I avert my hand. He paused. He asks:

- What are you doing on Sunday?

- While I do not have any plans ...

- Do you mind relax together?

- What do you mean?

- Well ... let`s go to a restaurant ... dance ...

- I do not like restaurants, but let`s go, - I say - just somewhere away from the city ...

His chauffeur drove us to Khimki. We walked along the promenade from the River Station. Then we had dinner in the restaurant. A little drunk. And suddenly he openly began to tell me about his life, about Germany, about the family, which decided not to come back ... I even confused: we are in fact met recently ...

When returning to Podlipki, I asked where to take me. I called address. Much to our surprise, it turned out that we do not live in one house, but in a stairwell: my mother`s flat - on the first floor, and the Queen - on the second. They went up to him. What now dissemble: I stayed with them in that our first evening. And, as it turned out, all my life ... I was 27. He was -. 40 "

What happened?

WIFE changed, but the king again in unlimited trips and his back hurts loneliness. Not once, as if apologizing, Sergei Pavlovich wrote new wife about their difficulties and experiences. He writes that he tell him no one else, as the best friend and girlfriend - she is! It is no coincidence he always adds the words: "For I have no one to talk about it, except you." Apparently, his wife and a new beginning to bother him "dusheizliyaniya" eternal problems at work and in the shower. And with a new woman he loves, feels lonely. Generally geniuses often have no luck in his personal life. I recall the words of Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova Pushkin: "And how do you bore me with your poems," The king says, "Well, can not you, my druzhenka not write and did not pour out his soul ..." The eternal tragedy of genius !!!


Korolev was born on January 12, 1907. Under his leadership, the Group for the Study of Reactive Motion (GIRD) August 17, 1933 launched the first Soviet missile. Then there was the Jet Research Institute (RNII), then - the arrest. He was accused of "sabotage as part of an anti-Soviet organization." First, given 10 years. Then, in the 40th, the period reduced to 2 years. He was serving, working in the "Tupolev sharaga" - CB behind barbed wire. For his work, which had a "great defensive value", it - at the personal letter addressed to Stalin, Beria - was released early in August 44th. In September 1945, Korolev was sent to Germany to study the experience of Hitler`s engineers. Back in January 1947, he quickly and successfully carries out its own construction and testing of missiles, immediately multiply the power of the USSR Armed Forces.

In 1957, it was successfully tested missile "R-7", with which soon to orbit the world`s first artificial satellite was launched. April 12, 1961, the same rocket provided Gagarin`s flight. She broke into the universe and the first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and Alexei Leonov, who in March 1965 the first ever spacewalk. Unfortunately, this success was the last of the great Designer of life, in 1966 he died.


AMONG astronauts There is such a legend: the body after cremation Queen Gagarin and Komarov jewels of his ashes to send it to the interplanetary station in special containers with the emblem of the Soviet Union to the moon. It was really the case? Perhaps no one knows. Tragically Komarov died. A year later, no less tragically died Gagarin.