Sergey Belokurov

Picture of Sergey Belokurov

Date of Birth: 09/13/1862

Age: 56

Citizenship: Russia


Belokurov, Sergey - church historian and archaeologist, was born in 1862 .; after completing the course at the Moscow Theological Academy in 1886 he joined the Moscow main archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is now in the position of clerk. In 1908, published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his erudite literary activity book: "SA Belokurov 1882 - 1907." (Moscow), contains all of his work, the number of which has been brought to 401.Oni diverse and size and character. The vast majority of work - about 180 - issued Byelokurov make historical materials of diverse content. One set of these documents was the book "Materials for Russian history" (M., 1888), the other - the book "Moscow society of the XVII century of the spiritual life." (Wiley, 1903). By the XVII century. mainly include other materials, they are made public, and original works. They touched iresheny many questions concerning councils, schools, literature, bibliography, split, relations of the Russian Church with the other Eastern churches, consumer aspects of the life of Russian society, the legal relations and so on. D. The other large group of papers (about 130) make up the works published edited and supervised Belokurova. This includes dozens of books "Readings Moscow Society of Russian History and Antiquities" and many individual dissertatsiyi articles in the same body. Under the supervision of Belokurova out as works of Academician EE Golubinsky. From independent work Belokurova largest "Arseny Sukhanov," part I (M., 1891 Master`s thesis); h II, (Moscow, 1893).; "On the library Muscovy in the XVI century" (1898 - 99, 2 nd ed.); "Yuri Krizanic in Russia (for the new instruments)" (1902). Byelokurov composed of 5 pointers to the "Readings Moscow Society of History and Antiquities."