Serapion Vladimirskiy

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Citizenship: Russia

Protector in difficult circumstances

The teachings contained S. theory executions of God, to the paradise more. following centuries served as the official East. Russian doctrine. churches. Preaching resignation after the loss of independence it was hardly historically justified. (According to the book .: Russian philosophy. Small Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, 1995)

Doctrine Serapion saw heavy yoke of flour as a direct result of the fall of morals and Christian piety. This motif is a cross-cutting for all the works, and one of them reflected this theme even vnazvanii ( `The word of the blessed Serapion maloverii`). (V. Milkov in the book .: Russian philosophy. Small Encyclopedic Dictionary. M., 1995. S. 464).

Major works of the Word of our father Serapion (1285).

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