Seneca The Elder

Picture of Seneca The Elder

Place of birth: Approx. 54 BC. e.

Citizenship: Italy


Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca), nicknamed the Elder (ca. 54 BC -... Ca. 39 BC...) - Roman writer and rhetorician of Cordoba. In mature years he married a compatriot Helvius, by whom he had three sons: Gallio Novato, famous philosopher Seneca Jr. and Mel, the father of the poet Lucan. In the Middle Ages the works of Seneca`s father mingled with the works of Seneca-son (a philosopher).

Seneca came from a wealthy equestrian family. In Rome he studied eloquence under the direction Arella Fusco, Pass albutsit force Lucius Cestius, Papirius Fabian and other rhetoricians, ready to make a lawyer. On the activity to us almost nothing is known. During the civil wars, he stood on the side of Pompey and unfriendly attitude to Caesar, which was reflected in his descendants Seneca and Lucan.

The eloquence of Cicero was a fan and foe extremes posletsitseronovskogo oratory. Not being a professional orator, he was known as a writer on rhetoric leadership, which he wrote for his sons. He was drafted in Seneca years old and contains a lot of materials on the history of rhetoric under Augustus and Tiberius. Prior to this work reached us in a fragmentary form.

Much more significant was bulky and historical work of Seneca, written by him in old age, and on the review of Roman history from the beginning of the Civil War to Tiberius. He did not survive to our time.