Semen Bendasuk

Picture of Semen Bendasuk

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Law Faculty of Lviv University.

In 1910-1912 - Secretary of the Company named Michael Kachkovskii, Russian organizations in Austria-Hungary and the post-war Poland. "Carpathian Rus" collaborated in the Russophile newspaper.

In 1913, the Austro-Hungarian authorities in Lviv staged a "spy process", accusing several eminent Galician-Russian movement (Bendasyuk, Koldra, Sandovich, Gudima) treason. But despite the pressure of the Austrian government, all the accused were acquitted by the court; defense led the Galician-Russian public figure, lawyer Marian Feofilovich Glushkevich. After justification Simon Bendasyuk migrated to Russia and converted to Orthodoxy in Kharkov.

During the First World War he left the United States. After the First World War, he returned to the city. He was a member of the Lviv Orthodox Brotherhood, elder at the church of the Orthodox parish of St. George, editor of "Science" Publishing Society of popular name Michael Kachkovskii and secretary of "Galician-Russian Matica", he worked in the archive Stauropegion Institute. "Russian vote" the paper was printed in Lviv.

He died in 1965 in Lviv, buried at Lychakiv cemetery in a common grave of Russian writers and journalists.


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