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BiographyTypical representatives of garage rock "The Seeds" performed their coarse, primitive, proto - punk drayvovy long before the "Ramones". He founded the Los Angeles-based team in 1965, singer Sky Saxon (Richard Marsh) , who had already by that time to release several singles with various projects. According to the announcement in the press Skye picked up a following associates : Jan Savage (guitar) , Daryl Hooper (keyboards) , Rick Endridzh (drums) . Having signed a contract with Gene Norman "Crescendo Records", the quartet debuted with the single "Can`t seem to make you mine". This ballad had a local Southern California successbut he gave "The Seeds" the opportunity to be invited to various shows such as "American Bandstand" and "Shebang".

At the beginning of 1966 they released their second and most famous group single, "Pushin` Too Hard". Simple rough riff coupled with charismatic roar Saxon came to taste the American public, and the song took 36 th place in the national charts. SeedsSledom for EP, appeared full-length album, containing besides "Pushin` too hard" such as a raisin garage rock "No escape", "Nobody spoil my fun" and "Girl I want you". In October 1966 they released their second LP, "A web of sound". The most popular veschitseyna this disc was the blue-collar anthem "Mr. Farmer",sounded in the movie Cameron Crowe`s "Almost famous". Among other songs stand out raucous "Rollin` Machine" and the 14 - minute "Up in her room". Meanwhile, in the United States was growing popularity of the hippie movement, and his magic is not gone, and by the "Seeds". Fell under the " flower power ", in 1967, the band changed their guidelines and plunged into psychedelic. New trends were reflected in the album "Future", made under the obvious influence of the Beatles ` Sergeant Pepper. " Despite the fact that clear hits (except maybe "A thousand shadows") on the disk was not, their popularity is not extinguished. While the "Seeds" on an equal footing shared platform with artists like Jimi Hendrix, "Byrds","Vanilla Fudge", "Doors", "Buffalo Springfield", "Jefferson Airplane", "Kinks" and a number of other equally well-known.

Seeds By the end of 1967, the band decided to take a poeksperimentirovats blues, recorded the album "A spoonful of seedy blues". However, they would not really scare the old fans ,so the plate went under the banner of "Sky Saxon Blues Band". His contribution to the development of the album brought a blues giant Muddy Waters once called "Seeds" American response "Rolling Stones". In 1968 he released a live album "Raw and alive at Merlin`s Music Box", became the latest release of the original composition. In 1970, the group disbanded ,Saxon and went into the religion, becoming a member of the sect " Jehovah`s Witnesses ".

It took about twenty years before the reunion took place a short-term original team. The reason for this was "The Summer of Love Tour", where he also performed "Love", "Big Brother and the Holding Company" and some other sixties. The subsequent coming of "The Seeds" took place at the beginning of the third millennium, when the Sky, with a completely new line-up resumed touring.

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