Sebastian Pinera

Picture of Sebastian Pinera

Date of Birth: 01/12/1949

Age: 66

Place of birth: Santiago

Citizenship: Chile


Famous Chilean businessman, politician and billionaire. His net worth is approximately $ 1.2 billion (according to the world-renowned business magazine Forbes, who called the Chilean one of the most respectable and wealthy people of the planet). Currently he is living in Chile billionaire - his family (he has four children).

Sebastian Pinera was born on December 1, 1949, in Santiago. He had three brothers and two sisters.

Sebastian - graduate. At the time, he graduated from the Catholic University of Chile and was awarded an advanced degree in economics. After - he studied at Harvard University, at the end of which also received his doctorate.

Currently, Sebastian Pinera owns one hundred percent of the company Chilevision - Chilean TV channel is extremely popular and significant (nationwide).

In addition, the billionaire property are 27 percent of NIL organization Lan Airlines (LAN), 13-five percent of the company Colo-Colo, as well - some of the other firms.

Sebastian also takes an active part in monitoring naddeyatelnostyu organizations such as Quinenco, Enersis, Soquimich and many others. In the current period billionaire constantly buys and sells shares on the Chilean stock market.

Experts say that Pinera is a billionaire, thanks to the fact that in the seventies of the last century has entered the territory of Chile, credit cards, and in time to actively invested numerous organizations. All this has brought Sabastyanu substantial income.

Some time ago there was an incident with a billionaire - he was fined approximately 680 000 dollars for the manipulation of securities. The entrepreneur, of course, did not agree with the charges and passionately defended his reputation. In addition, he is still convinced that the case has been specially fabricated by his political rivals.

In fact, his political life is one of the first places. For example, several years ago, Pinera put forward its own candidate in the presidential election and the first stage even got 24.4 percent of the vote. However, the next stage Pinera lost to a candidate - with a minimum difference in the number of votes.