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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States


Many of today`s popular punk band argue that creativity `Screeching Weasel` had quite a big impact on their formation ; among these ` poklonnikov` Weasel teams listed ` Green Day`, `Blink-182` and ` Rise Against`.`Screeching Weasel` - American punk band from Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois), founded in 1986 by Ben Weasel (Ben Weasel) and John Dzhaghedom (John Jughead). The band`s popularity began in the early `90s, shortly after the conclusion of a contract with punk label `Lookout! Records`.Composition `Screeching Weasel` repeatedly changed - it only constant participant stayed Ben Weasel (Dzhaghed John, however, left the team only in 2009) . Many of today`s popular punk band argue that creativity `Screeching Weasel` had quite a big impact on their formation ;among these ` poklonnikov` Weasel teams listed ` Green Day`, `Blink-182` and ` Rise Against`.

Group your Ben Foster (Ben

Foster) and his friend, John Pearson (John Pierson) decided to create in 1986, after attending a concert `Ramones`. After some time, friends have changed the names and found a drummer - Steve Dubik (Steve Dubick), more known ,Steve Cheese (Steve Cheese).

Initially, the group was called `All Night Garage Sale`; later, however - on the advice of a friend - they are renamed to `Screeching Weasel`. After a while Trinity joined bassist Vince ` Bovin` Vogel (Vince` Bovine` Vogel); four friends recorded their debut album - `Screeching Weasel`;they released it in 1987, under the label `Underdog Records`.

In 1988, Winnie Bovin left the band ; He was replaced by a former member of the ` Ozzfisj`orren Fisher (Warren Fischer). After some time, the group left and Cheese - kicked him for not wanting to go to the concert tours outside Chicago.

The ensuing tour, however,It turned out to be a disaster. Soon after him, from `Screeching Weasel` left Fischer ; They replaced it with ` Vepidom` Dan Schaefer (Dan` Vapid` Schafer). In 1989, they recorded a total of five songs, after which the group disbanded. Weasel and Dzhaghed founded a new team - `The Gore Gore Girls`.

In 1991 `Screeching Weasel` reunited. Initially it was assumed that together they have worked for only one concert - play his musicians were supposed to pay for arising after the recording of the album `Boogadaboogdaboogada` long!. After the speech, however, the friends decided to give the group a chance. The speakers are up to second in 1994 ;shortly after the release of the album `How to Make Enemies and Irritate People` band broke up again.

The next time the group reunited only in 1996. It then will be published their album `Bark Like a Dog` - the most successful of all the records of the group. Unfortunately,and this composition was not destined for a long time to reach - and soon Vepid ` Penik` Dan Sullivan (Dan` Panic` Sullivan) left the project ; again in the group were only Weasel and Dzhaghed. Soon they were joined by bassist Dzhiordzhini Mass (Mass Giorgini) - incidentally, a former producer groups - and drummer Dan Lumley (Dan Lumley);later Weasel tired schetayu features guitarist and singer, and the team took another and Damon Zack (Zac Damon).

6 June 2001, the band broke up in the third - and probably last - time.

In 2009, Ben Weasel said in his blog that plans for the fourth time to revive the `Screeching Weasel` - even without his old colleague John Dzhagheda. Later it became known that the quarrel Weasel and Dzhagheda was a logical conclusion of the old business disputes ; once a conflict was extinguished, but the relationship of friends, he hit hard.

7 of December of 2010, it was announced that their new album - `First World Manifesto` - the band released March 15 of 2011 ;this record will be their first creation for the past eleven years

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