Scott Bennett

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Age: 50

Birth Place: New Hampshire

Citizenship: United States

Magic Christmas gift Scott Bennett

This Christmas 48-year-old New Hampshire (New Hampshire), Scott Bennett (Scott Bennett) will remember for a long time. Remember it, and Scott`s family and all who know him, because it was in December 2012. Bennett became one of the most fortunate people in the world. So, he has won the lottery `Megabucks` $ 2,1 million, however, not only does Scott lucky win -. The fact that he got the winning ticket by mistake. So, buying lottery tickets, Scott routinely decided to buy two separate tickets - one `Lucky for Life` and one` Megabucks`.Kassir did not understand him, and gave him two of the same ticket - the two `Megabucks`. Scott did not notice anything, and only the house drew attention to two of the same ticket.

However, as the Americans say, everything happens for a reason (everything happens for a reason). So, somewhat disappointed purchase tickets nepravilnyh` `Scott was not aware that the rally will make him and his family richer than a couple of million dollars.

So when the show on TV has announced the lucky winning number, and it became clear that in the hands of Bennett is the same ticket, or Scott, or his wife Cathy (Cathy Bennett) all could not believe his luck. When the card was verified by 15 times, the joy began. That`s when it`s awareness and how many were laid to the error of the cashier. Later, Scott went to thank the very girl-cashier, 24-year-old Nicky Gee (Nicki Gee). Now Nicky has something to be proud of - because of their `oshibki` it has become very popular - buyers of lottery tickets will certainly want to buy your ticket at it - perhaps the girl again as successfully as oshibetsSemya Bennett celebrates his sudden wealth. So, it decided to spend money on the education of three children Scott and Kathy - for two of their children, they have paid off loans taken earlier, and for a third of their son will only have to choose the appropriate college.

In addition, Bennett`s plan to buy something for the house and a little treat yourself for Christmas.

By the way, no 48-year-old Scott, no 47-year-old Katie in any case do not intend to keep his job - even though getting rich, they are full of strength and desire to work.

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