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Dilbert and the stories of his adventures occurred to the public to taste above all its satirical nature ; caustic jokes about office life, incompetent managers and unskilled workers found an echo in the hearts of many. Interestingly, the author of comics, Scott Adams, Known also quite serious books on business.

Scott Adams was born in Wyndham, New York (Windham, New York). As a child, he was an ardent fan of the comic `Peanuts`; as early as 6 years, Scott began to draw their own comics. Considerable influence on the development of the Adams as an artist also had a popular magazine `Mad`.The boy spent his painting long pretty hone their talent and even winning the competition 11 years artists. Despite this, in 1968, Scott was denied in art school ; disappointed, Adams decided to go to lawyers. Adams graduated from the school in 1975, the best student in the class of 39 people.

Leaving the area after school, Scott did not,received in 1979th a Bachelor of Economics at the local college. In the last year due to car failure Adams was not just stuck overnight in snowy and deserted place ; that night Scott has vowed that more never in my life will not see snow. A few months after graduating from college, Adams moved to California.

In the period from 1979-till 1982nd Adams worked extensively with the engineers in telecommunications in Crocker National Bank of San Francisco (San Francisco). Even before the device for this position Scott eaten training program for managers ; before he had a chance for a while to work as a cashier in a bank, and for the 4 months Adams twice visited at gunpoint.Scott was replaced by a number of different positions, mainly office character; in 1986 he received a master`s degree in business management in economics and management at UC Berkeley. Around the same period, Adams and Dilbert invented ; the name for the character he suggested former boss, Mike Goodwin (Mike Goodwin),Some time Scott was trying to promote their comics in the popular press

, But the success of it accompanied by stubbornly refused ; Adams continued to paint in many respects due to timely inspiring letter who came from one of the fans.

From 1986 to 1995 Adams worked in `Pacific Bell`;many of the characters of his later comic books were created in the image and likeness of the people he met there. Published the first comic about Dilbert Adams succeeded in 1989th, with the help of `United Media`. At that time, Scott has not quit his job, so he had to draw comics, getting up at 4 am. During the first month of drawing Adams paid 368.62 dollars ;however, over time, Dilbert was becoming more and more popular. By 1994 th Adams comics already published in 400 newspapers. Sam Scott claimed that his success helped e-mail address included in each of the comics - so Adams established a convenient channel for feedback from users.

In 1996-om Scott Adams published his first book on business, ` Dilberta` Principle (` The Dilbert Principle`). In 1998 he was created a television series based on has become even more popular comic book ; He survived, however, only 2 years. By 2000, in the history of Dilbert published papers in 2000 57 countries in 19 different languages. Dilbert can rightly be called one of the most famous comic book characters of our time and one of the brightest satirical images of the day.

It is known that now Adams is the CEO of the corporation `Scott Adams Foods, Inc`; In addition, he owns a coffee shop in Pleasanton, California (Pleasanton, California) - where Adams, by the way ,at the moment and is acquired. Scott `s interest to products and culinary industry is caused primarily by the fact that he is a vegetarian.

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