Scissor Sisters

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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

The best pop band in the world

Musical Band `Scissor Sisters` was formed in 2001. The original name of `Dead Lesbian` was replaced by the option ` Fibrillating Scissor Sisters`, which was cut to version `Scissor Sisters` - sending a lesbian act tribadism.

Vocalist - Jake Shears (Jake Shears) and Ana Matronic (Ana Matronic), multi - Beybideddi (Babydaddy),lead guitarist and bassist - Del Marquis (Del Marquis). Drummer Randy Real (Randy Real) was replaced on drums and percussion Paddy Boom (Paddy Boom) in 2008. Group `Scissor Sisters` included in its repertoire a wide variety of styles and innovative sound, but the emphasis is still being done on the pop-rock, glam rock, nu-disco and electroclash. Team earned fame after the release of the disco version of the song `Comfortably Numb` group ` Pink Floyd`. This variation was nominated for ` Gremmi` and led some charts. After the song was followed by the album ` Output

Scissor Sisters` in 2004. The plate was successful, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK), country ,that members of the group called its ` spiritual domom`. In the UK, the album became the best-selling in 2004, and later received the status of ` platinovyy` British Phonographic Industry (BPI), and music award ` BRIT Awards`.

All five singles from the album hit the Top- 20 in the UK single chart,and the song `Filthy / Gorgeous` topped the chart ` Hot Dance Club Songs`, one of the charts `Billboard`, but native to the United States, the group release was passed quietly enough.

Album `Scissor Sisters` continued to replenish the army of fans of unusual command, once the stars of gay underground in Europe (Europe), Australia (Australia) and Canada (Canada)Before in 2006 released a new studio album, `Ta-Dah`, after which Britain emerged popular single ` I Don`t Feel Like Dancin``.

The third studio album, `Night Work`, was presented only in 2010. He showed a shift towards a club sound, located on the 2nd place in the British album-chart and topped the chart in `Billboard` best independent albums. The release also included in the Top- 10 charts in several other countries. Finally, a new work group studio album `Magic Hour`, was released in 2012.

Team `Scissor Sisters` advocates around the world. She became well known zasvoi transgressive and controversial ` zhivye` performances. The children worked together with a number of well-known musicians, including Elton John (Elton John) and Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue). Collaboration satisfied many critics and other prominent figures. In 2004, Bono (Bono), vocalist of the rock band `U2`, called the group ` Scissor Sisters` ` best pop group in mire`.

Many of the band`s songs ,characterized by an unusual mixture of wit and tragedy, directly affecting the theme of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. This is partly due to the fact that three of the team members `Scissor Sisters`, including two of its founders, homosexuals. For example, the song `Filthy / Gorgeous` tells oprostitutke transsexual. However, the participants `Scissor Sisters` refuse to call themselves ` gay gruppoy` ; Jake Shears once said that he did not believe that sexual preferences have some value when it comes to music.

In 2004 Beybideddi and Del Marquis entered the list of ` 100 most intriguing gay goda` magazine`s `Out`.

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Scissor Sisters picture
Scissor Sisters picture
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