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Date of Birth: 10/13/1934

Age: 60

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Savely Kramarov: Dreams do not expire

People always love those who make them laugh. But the cause of laughter is not so simple, it needs to create around himself a special aura, falling into which people have fun, and forget about their troubles. Apparently, therefore, to all the creative meetings with the audience the actors usually choose to speak the funniest episodes of his career.

Practically there is no way that a person`s life consisted of a continuous series of successes and victories. Find yourself and your place in this world is not so simple. When translated into the reality of childhood dreams - this is a very great joy.

Savely Kramarov was born in the family of a lawyer at the time, to be known as a lawyer was life-threatening. In 1938 his father was arrested, and a small Sava became the son of an enemy nation. This greatly affected his fate. He lived with his mother Benedict Solomonovna them in a small room in a communal apartment and hardly interrupted on bread and water. Life was very hard. But this did not prevent Savely dream. Accidentally hitting the theater on someone else`s pass, Sawa was filled with theatrical art. Perhaps, then, and there was a childhood dream to become an actor. However, after high school, when my mother died, the question of theatrical institute did not even get up, it seemed to theater, cinema - is the concept of another reality. And in this you have to be realistic. Kramarov wanted to continue the dynasty of his father and become a lawyer, but as an enemy of the people of the son, and his close not admitted to the legal, that`s when Uncle Savely and advised to go to the Forestry Institute.

But as you know, a childhood dream has no statute of limitations, and the thought of acting career did not leave him. At the Institute, he participated in amateur performances, but then went to the studio at the Central House of Art Workers.

Working in film began with a chance. Few of the people who dream of becoming an actor, does not draw itself in the imagination scenes, when the street is suitable for him and the director offers to star in movies. However, this rarely happens. But with Kramarov exactly what happened.

Walking past a fenced area for filming, the Sava stopped to take a look at the process of shooting. It was then that he and offered his first film role. He was asked to portray the fear front of the camera, which he did. Seeing himself in some time on the screen, he realized a childhood dream that is feasible. With the hope for good luck, he sent his photos to various movie studios, and, to his great delight, with one of them received an invitation to the shooting. So Kramarov Savely got on his first film.

His unusual appearance has created for his role minded funny hooligans. Such roles are mainly played and the actor. Fortunately, it is quite comfortable with this phenomenon, and each film, each scene carefully and diligently prepared. He had a rare gift of creating characters, one look at that causes a smile, and even uncontrollable laughter.

Despite the fact that Kramarov played basically in episodes, and almost no text memorized all the characters from the first view. Many phrases of his characters have become conventional wisdom. He played so that even a small stage, played in the film, talked about his character, about his life and destiny. With a stunning gift of comic actor, Savely V. could make the viewer see the hidden drama of the fate of his character. For example, in the film `Gentlemen udachi` lump rises in my throat at the moment when, after a meeting with childhood friend Theodore thief, the whole company is going to train on a summer residence to the `baryge` and Fedka says Associate Professor:` Why are you doing with Petya, because he won both happy ... `And at once the whole story is built orphanage boy who could not find their place in life.

Having survived the mother`s illness, from which she died in front of him, Savely V. carefully watching their health, he wanted to live up to one hundred and forty years. He idolized early bygone mother in another world, even stole the urn with her ashes, and moved to America, that it was always there with him. By Kramarov religion consciously come as an adult human prevailing. And it was one of the reasons that it began `otodvigat` from filming scenes.

The moment when the actor filed an application for a reunion with his uncle, living in Israel, was a turning point in the fate of the actor Kramarova in the Soviet Union. He finally stopped shooting. For three years, until Kramarov tried to execute documents on the road, it did not admit to the shooting in a movie. His famous letter to Reagan, which is quoted on the radio `Svoboda` helped Savely Viktorovich still leave the Soviet Union. Fortunately, he immediately appeared producer, builder of the world Kramarova tour, and this work has saved the actor from the material difficulties of the initial period of emigration. Having been shooting a movie, Savely Viktorovich immediately admitted to union actors to protect their rights.

Kramarov starred in many movies, TV shows, he came to shoot with a very practical point of view. Well aware that in America, it does not achieve the same popularity as in the Soviet Union, Kramarov tried to act in the movies, where they played the famous Hollywood stars. He knew that these pictures will appear on the screen for a long time, and, therefore, the fee for each show will be coming regularly. As a child experienced an acute need, it is very kind of money.

Even after Kramarova death, his heirs receive royalties for those same movies. Practicality and desire to improve the material side of life took their toll. His self-discipline and determination helped him to achieve what sometimes does not even reach supertalantlivye people.

Despite the fact that there were many women, Savely always hoped to meet that unique, similar to his mother, with whom he could be happy in his life. Even his only daughter, he gave his mother`s name - Benedict, Basia, as it is affectionately called Kramarov. Alas, it was not given to see the adult daughter. He died when she was only 7 years old.

Fortunately, shortly before his death, Kramarov yet met with a woman who lit up his last days, with whom he lived happily in the house of their dreams. She was Natalia Siradze.

Kramarov achieved everything, everything he wanted, but he was unable to live in the world of their dreams. In June 1995, he was gone.

Author: Antonin Schuster

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