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BiographyThe prototype "Savatage" served as a team "Avatar", which in 1981 organized a four Florida residents John Oliva (vocals) , his brother Criss Oliva (guitar) , Steve Vacholz (drums) and Keith Collins (bass) .

In 1983, the team changed the sign on the "Savatage" and debuted at "Par Records" with the "Sirens" album.Two years later, the band had already moved to the "Atlantic Records" and after the release of "Power Of The Night" held the first full-scale tour. In 1986, as a part was replaced, and Collins lost his tool Johnny Lee Middleton. In the same year "Savatage" visited with concerts in Europe, where they had to warm up the "Motorhead".On one of those performances was attended by producer Paul O`Neill, with whom the band soon were adjusted long-term relationship. Cooperation O`Neill and "Savatage" began with the album "Hall Of The Mountain King", which sounded the first symphonic instrumental group - "Prelude to Madness".

Savatage in 1988-m team intensively plowed American spaces, making the company "Dio" and "Megadeth". During the tour a second guitarist Chris Caffery functions performed subsequently joined the "Savatage" on a formal basis. However, Caffery stay a part of it was short-lived ,and after the recording of "Gutter Ballet" and the accompanying nine-month tour, Chris left his post. In 1991, the Group continued to experiment with progressive metal and under the guidance of the same O`Neill recorded "Streets" rock opera. Shortly thereafter, John began to voice problems, and he had to give way to the new vocalist Zachary Stevens, but ,Nevertheless, Oliva was actively involved in creating and recording new material.

In October 1993, brought down by a drunk driver, killed Criss Oliva, and the question arose about the future of the band. By majority vote, it was decided to continue the activity, as it was the best way to preserve the memory of the departed comrade. In 1994-m team released the album "Handful of Rain", dedicated to Chrissy. The guitar instead of playing Alex Skolnick "Testament".

Savatage After the release of the band have Vacholz, and was replaced by Jeff Plate. Personnel changes did not end there, because their interests were Skolnik ,but his departure was compensated returning Caffery and adding another guitarist Al Pitrelli. In 1995 he was born the second rock opera of "Savatage" - "Dead Winter Dead". Suddenly, musicians instrumental "Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24" became a big radio hits. The year ended with the release of the live album "Final Bell",subsequently republished also called "Ghost In The Ruins". In 1996, the band toured in Europe and Japan, but the US tour has been delayed because some members of the staff were employed in the project "Trans-Siberian Orchestra".

The disc "The Wake Of Magellan" was the last work "Savatage" on "Atlantic Records".In 2000, the team signed a new contract with "Nuclear Blast", but there came only one album, "Poets And Madmen", as John Oliva became more and more time to pay " Trans - Siberian Orchestra. "

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