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Saul David Alinsky - American writer and social activist, founder of the different publicpolitical organizations.

Born in 1909 in Chicago to a family of Russian Jewish immigrants, and was the only surviving son of Benjamin Alinsky from his second marriage with Sarah Tanenbaum - Alinsky. In 1926 he entered the University of Chicago and later became a graduate student at the Department of Sociology, but has not completed the training and received his degree. It earned him some fame, developed the idea of power analysis, which considered the relationship built on personal gain among corporations, banks and utility companies.

In the 1930s, Alinsky organized association of workers, workers in warehouses Stoke Yardz Union. These stocks gained notoriety after the publication of Upton Sinclair novel " The Jungle ," which refers to the appalling working conditions of ordinary hard workers. Further activities Alinsky leads to vudlaunskogo working partnership and organization of industrial areas. These companies have helped him to acquire the skills of rallying peoplerequired for devices such organizations across the country. In the book " radicals Charter " (the latter work, published in 1971 - a year before his death), he is referring to the radical generation of the 60`s wrote, "What should be done to those who want to change the world, making it the way it should be according to their viewfrom the fact what it is today ? Machiavelli wrote to the King of a set of abstracts, which should be followed in order to save power. The Charter consists of radical antithesis for those who want to overthrow this government. "

The driving force of the revolution Alinsky considered middle class ,as the most numerous and has real power and their views held critical position relative to the main liberal, which he regarded as inactive and ineffective. An effective approach, according to Alinsky, an approach in which all costs leads to the desired result.An intermediate step in the formation of a new society he regarded democracy as the light of all the ways to achieve social justice. In 1969, Saul Alinsky for his views Prize Peace and Freedom "Pacem in Terris" was awarded.

Alinsky methods formed the basis of the political activities of many famous people. Among them - Cesar Chavez ,Dolores Huerta. Hillary Clinton wrote in his thesis that the personal efforts of Saul Alinsky were an important part of his method. The views of the writer`s influence on Obama when he began his career as a public figure in the suburbs of Chicago.

Saul Alinsky died June 12, 1972 in California at age 63

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