Saroo Brierley

Picture of Saroo Brierley

Age: 34

Place of birth: Madhya Pradesh

Citizenship: Australia

Find a family with the help of Google Earth

Born Sarah Brierly in 1981 in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh). Sarah`s family was very poor - his father left his mother when the boy was very young, and his mother literally struggled to working at a construction site and trying to feed their children. Sarah started working early - as early as 4 years old, he helped his elder brother worked on the railroad, to clean and sweep the cars.

One day his older brother left Sarah, who was then about five years, in the train car and told to wait for him there. Sarah waited patiently, and then fell asleep. When the boy woke up, the train carriage was empty, and the window rustled a huge unfamiliar city.

Later, Sarah learned that it was Calcutta (Kolkata), but then it would hardly have helped the frightened little boy. He still did not know what was in the 1500 km from his home. Sarah made several attempts to return home -one reasoned that if the train took him away from home, you will be able to bring him back home. But every time the train returned it back to Calcutta.

The first couple of weeks, he lived right at the railway station - hope to go home did not leave the boy. He was producing food where he could, and later turned into a shelter for children, where he was officially named the lost child. So Sarah began to live in a shelter. He did not know then that his older brother on the same day, leaving it in the car, was hit by a train. The mother then immediately lost two sons in one day, but the body of one found the other turned out to be missing.

Fate was kind to Sarah - a homeless and miserable, it was soon adopted by an Australian couple Brierly names. So an Indian boy Sarah was in Australia, in the city of Hobart (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia).

Sarah Brierly grew up as an ordinary Australian boy, but he never forgot the strange train that took him out of his usual life, from home, from his mother and brothers. His foster mother hung in his room a map of India, the boy did not forget their roots, and every morning he looked at the map on the wall and thought of the homeland, thinking about his family, how did it happen that he was so far from at home.

Meanwhile the years went on, and Sarah had learned in school, and then went to university, where he studied business.

Gradually, the idea of ??finding his family more catches Sarah koe-chto he vaguely remembered from my childhood, but otherwise he had to rely on the technology. So, Sarah took Google Earth. He calculated the approximate distance that can do the train, uvezshy his home around the area of ??the circle and began to study in detail the names. That`s how he came across the name of the city Khandva (Khandwa) - etoi was the hometown of Sarah Brierly.

With the help of Google Earth, even Sarah was able to see and learn fountain near the railroad tracks, where he often played as a child.

Then Sarah went to India, I arrived in Khandwa district and started asking the locals. Soon he was led straight to his mother`s house. It turned out that there except his mother Sarah`s sister and brother, and about this wonderful reunion wrote many of the world`s media.

Today Sarah Brierly still lives in Hobart. He regularly communicates with his family and has visited India twice. By the way, during his second visit he has done on the train the same way as a child, and later Sarah wrote the book `A Long Way Home` (letters.` Long Way domoy`).

By the way, the history of Sarah Brierly zaintersovalas film crew film `Millionaire truschob`, and perhaps soon, this amazing story will be filmed.