Sarah Guyard-guillot

Picture of Sarah Guyard-guillot

Age: 31

Citizenship: Canada

The first death in the arena of Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil satisfied with their delightfully eccentric-representation is already about 30 years old; in spite of the incredible complexity demonstrated tricks, yet their views do without victims. Alas, all ever happens the first time.

At a recent presentation of one of the acrobats, 31-year-old Sarah Giyyar-Guillot (Sarah Guyard-Guillot), fell from 50 feet (over 15 meters) in height.

The tragic event happened last Saturday in Las Vegas (Las Vegas). Acrobat climbed to the very dome - she was to take part in one of the most spectacular rooms submission finals. During the ascent, Sarah slipped out of insurance and fell down from a great height.

Initially, the audience decided that what is happening - just part of the show; Soon, however, it became clear that such a scenario long jump number is not provided. Instead wonderful music the audience heard a woman crying and muffled cries; Soon the audience officially announced that the presentation is canceled, and that anyone can return their tickets to the cashier.

Sarah Guillot-Giyyar hastened to deliver to the nearest hospital; Unfortunately, doctors were powerless to help a woman - Sarah toyzhe night she died. Now Sarah`s two young children were orphaned.

Presentation of `Ka`, which became fatal for acrobats, canceled indefinitely.

The founder of the circus, Guy Laliberte (Guy Laliberte) has already delivered its formal condolences to the family of the deceased. According to him, the whole circus troupe was shocked by what had happened - Sarah knew and loved by all; Room `Ka` Sarah Guillot-Giyyar participated from 2006. The total length of acrobatic Sarah was more than 20 years; difficult and dangerous to her numbers were not unusual. What happened, according to Guy, it is a rather rigid demonstration of the fragility of human life; each of the members of the circus ruthless fate reminded of how thin line separates them from certain death. Alas, it is largely due to the balance on this very verge of circus acrobats and create such a brilliant rooms. Many creators have to pay dearly for their art; in the case of the acrobats, the cost of this can often become life itself. Other artists circus tragedy is unlikely to give up once the selected path; however, and forget about the death of his sister in the craft they are unlikely.