Sarah Groves

Picture of Sarah Groves

Age: 24

Place of birth: Guernsey

Rest ended a bloody massacre

The brutal murder confessed Dutch tourist Richard de Wit (Richard de Wit). His wife Uma rupani (Uma Rupanya), who was blinded in one eye and suffers from multiple sclerosis, said she did not know what to say now their daughters 12 and 8 years old. Rupani says: `I want to protect them, but I do not know as`.

Unemployed Richard reportedly fled the scene in a stolen rowboat that capsized before he swam to shore. The suspect was detained by police in the wet, with & # 163; 2 thousand in his wet clothes, without shoes, 80 km from the tourists dead body.. According to Indian police, later he told Richard that attacked Miss Groves after it became possessed by the devil.

31-year-old Uma, who had learned about the incident, was in a state of shock. She knew what a great grief brought her husband semyumiss Groves. Rupani said: `My husband passed away in November (the first in 2012). It was observed by a psychiatrist, but became increasingly irrational and paranoid ... He believed that it was going to grab the government that he was being watched spies that our house on proslushke`.

Rupani also said that her husband stopped taking antipsychotic medication. He explained to her that just to leave her and the children for their own safety. Although the wife realized how seriously the state of Richard, she did not expect that he would kill a man. Uma says: `This is so terrible. He was a good father to his children, never showed violence towards me, did not take drugs. Although I have heard that he started smoking cannabis after being thrown nas`.

Rupani continues: `I am angry because he left us with a few thousand euros to live. But he knew that I could not work or have children herself because of my disability ... I just have to try to be strong, be a good mother and do everything I can, but it`s a very dark period for nas`. According to her, her children, too, were in a rage after learning that their father did. They asked my mother: `Why dad killed this woman`?. And rupani simply had no answer.

Richard de Wit, a former board member of the far-right party in his hometown Ridderkerk (Ridderkerk), met his future wife while on vacation in Thailand (Thailand) 13 years ago. He met Uma, when I went to the shop of her brother, where she worked as assistant to the seller. Overture, rupani had two children before Richard de Wit had proposed in November of 2002. After the birth of her second child Uma became seriously ill, so that the wedding ceremony took place right on the hospital bed in Rotterdam (Rotterdam).

According to his wife, Richard has never worked, stuck at home and playing on the computer. She says: `On weekends he drove our kids to museums ... After he left us, he contacted us by phone and through emails to find out how we are. But I felt very disappointed ... The last time he spoke with us for two days before the murder. It seemed to him everything is in order. He said he enjoys in India. I still can not believe that proizoshlo`.

In a bizarre online video uploaded shortly before his departure to India, Richard spoke in detail about all their fears that the Dutch authorities are chasing him and trying to substitute it in any case linden with a bomb.