Sarah Brautigam

Picture of Sarah Brautigam

Age: 22

Place of birth: Doncaster

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Death Comes to the girl 36 times in a year

21-year-old Sarah Broytigam from Doncaster, South Yorkshire (Doncaster, South Yorkshire), dozens of times was on the verge of death. The reason for this was a serious disease that leads to heart failure. Every time, it seems inevitable doom, the last working women remains a keen sense of hearing.

The life of the former kanoistki turned on its head four years ago, when she found `Syndrome Postural orthostatic tahikardii`. Sarah, who dreamed of a career dancer burlesque show, begins a rapid heartbeat, leading to heart failure. The degree of arterial blood pressure reduction reaches the marks recorded by doctors during clinical death.

When an attack happens, Miss Broytigam need about an hour to the heart filled with blood. Everything else, the former athlete - winner of joint hypermobility syndrome, due to which no end of problems with the musculoskeletal system. Sarah suffers from dislocations and subluxations of the joints and often injured.

This combination of conditions has led to the fact that for a year Miss Broytigam visited the emergency department 64 times. But she says that her condition would not undermine her faith in their own strength.

She says: `Before the attack happens, there are some signs. I feel dizzy or nauseous, and then comes the feeling that I was about to fall asleep. I can hear what is happening around, and it feels as if I`m trying to scream, but nothing comes out. Doctors say that when you die, the ear - the last thing that remains. And in my experience it was. After the attack, I will come to, my chest would burst, and I`m really exhausted `.

Miss Broytigam explained that every time you have to stop the heart doctors artificially cause pain, survived the shock to the body - and she came back from the border state. It is contraindicated in cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the heart is not filled with blood again.

Sarah says: `When there is an attack, paramedics are trying to do something to cause a painful shock that returns me to life. Many times I came to the senses with large bruises. In one case, the doctor tore my acrylic nail, but it does not even make me vzdrognut`.

Miss Broytigam was a real fan of canoeing. She was accepted into the British team in rowing. She trained six days a week. But all dreams collapsed overnight, as soon was diagnosed.

She was told that she can not compete. At the same time it melted and erstwhile dream to join the Navy. Even a simple search of work and a desire to get the rights for Sarah turned to the real test.

It says, `I am ten years every weekend set off canoeing. I was so mobile. All this collapsed. I gained weight because I could not train and was very upset. I can not work a minute because I need a workplace with a very flexible schedule. Then I was told that I can not get behind the wheel. It was a feeling that I have selected vs