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Birthday : 08.04.1950 year

Age : 65 years

Place of birth : Fort Ord, California, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Romona Lofton

Original name: Romona Loftonliterary career

Sapphire - American writer and poet, best known for his novel `Push` (Russian ` Tuzhsya`.) .

Born Romona Lofton (Romona Lofton) in 1950 in Fort Ord, California (Fort Ord, California). She was one of four children in a military family that constantly ply the US and abroad. As a result, her parents divorced yet, and not being able to settle anywhere together. Learn Romona went San Francisco (San Francisco), where he enrolled in college. However, to finish it, and then she could not - the girl was seriously attracted to the hippie movement. Thus, only in the mid-1970s she completed her education, graduating from City College in NewYork (City College of New York). Later, she received a master`s degree at Brooklyn College (Brooklyn College). She was able to work a teacher, as well as change a few places before Lofton took up professional writing.

Since 1977 Romona lived in New York, it was from that period it has been actively writing poetry. Incidentally,Then she entered the community of lesbians `United Lesbians of Color for Change Inc.` he took the pen name ` Sapfir`.

In 1987, Sapphire has published its own collection of poems `Meditations on the Rainbow`. By the way, it is often mistakenly called the first book of `American Dreams`,but really the first collection was still `Meditations on the Rainbow`. But her second book, one critic has called ` one of the strongest debuts 1990s godov`.

The first novel - `Push` (` Tuzhsya`) - Sapphire has started to sell before he was dopisi

. For the first hundred pages of his forthcoming book she presented a publishing auction.By the time she was working with a very good literary agent Charlotte Sheedy (Charlotte Sheedy), which helped her to properly dispose of his future book. So, as a result of the novel failed to sell for $ 500,000. The book was published in 1996 by the publishing house `Vintage Publishing`, and since then hundreds of thousands of copies since it sold.This novel called as an endorsement, and a lot of controversy - in the book raised a very controversial issues, including incest. The main heroine of the book - obese African-American, semi-literate teenager, pregnant with her second child, who received the second life ` shans`.

In January 2009, on the book vyshelosnovanny Sapphire movieit was called ` Sokrovische` (` Precious`), Lee Daniels took off his (Lee Daniels). The film caused quite a loud feedback, and Romona Lofton received its share of popularity. By the way, Sapphire, and she appeared in a small role in the film.

In 2007, work Sapphire has been the subject of academic symposium at the University of Arizona (Arizona State University).In 2009 she was awarded the Prize for Literature `Fellow Award in Literature` from the organization ` United States Artists`.

The second novel by Sapphire - `The Kid` - was published in 2011.

Currently Romona Lofton lives and works in New York.

In general bibliography Sapphire today consists of two novels and three collections of poetry

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