Sandro Kodzasov

Picture of Sandro Kodzasov

Date of Birth: 07/14/1938

Age: 76

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


He was born in 1938. He graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University in the Department of Russian Language and literatury.Regulyarno involved in linguistic expeditions OTiPL.Starshy researcher at the Institute of Russian Language RAN.Doktor Philology (2002). 2001: Doctoral thesis "Combinatorial methods in phonology" (Moscow State University) .With. B. Kodzasov constantly leads to the Department of the course "General Phonetics" (with O. Krivnovoy) .In 2000 at the rate published by the fundamental textbook "General Phonetics", where SV Kodzasovu belong to chapters on intonation and phonological typology .On several years SV Kodzasov also teaches phonetic discipline in the Russian state humanitarian universitete.Osnovnaya research interests SV Kodzasova - phonological systems of different languages ??areal and typological affiliation. In the center of his attention is combinatorial principle underlying the language as a whole and its sound system in chastnosti.S. B. Kodzasovym developed component structure of phonological features, combinatorial model prosody of speech and combinatorial model Russian intonatsii.02 20 Sandro V. KODZASOV 70 years September 10, 2008 at the MSU concept C. V. Kodzasova greatly influenced by long-standing practice in linguistic research expeditions to study the many Russian languages, primarily Dagestan, Kamchatka, tyurkskih.Fonologicheskaya concept C. V. Kodzasova and results of case studies outlining domestic and foreign scientific meetings (all-Russia meeting on phonetics, conference dialogue, APCO, reading memory, AA Reformatsky , conference on the logical analysis of language, international phonetic congress in Tallinn, Aix-en-Provence, San Francisco, Barcelona, ??International Congress phonologists (Krems), International conference in Poznan and Stockholm, the plenary session of the project EVROTIP (Ile-Ciocca), etc. .).FROM. B. Kodzasov lectured on Russian and Caucasian phonetics intonation in different universities of Europe (Amsterdam, Leiden, Paris, Caen, Lund, Stuttgart, Vienna, Tampere) and the USA (Ann Arbor, Los Angeles) .Bolee 100 scientific publications .Intonatsiya proposals discursive words. // Guide to discursive said Russian yazyka.- M. 1993.Zakony phrasal accentuation. // Prosodic structure of Russian rechi.- M. 1996.Kombinatornaya model phrasal prosody. // Prosodic structure of Russian rechi.- M. 1996.Prosodicheskie classes of words and place the accent. // Prosodic structure of Russian rechi.- M. 1996.Urovni, units and processes in the intonation. // Problems of Phonetics. Number 3, 1999.Golos: properties, functions, and the nomination. // Language of yazyke.- M. 2000.Foneticheskaya symbols space (semantics longitude and short). // Logical analysis of language. Languages ??spaces, M., 2000.Spravka of S.V.Kodzasove online OTiPL: http://www.philol.msu.ru/~otipl/new/main/people/kodzasov.php